Ideal workspace conditions for viewing accurate color on your computer

Having a calibrated monitor is essential when color correcting and editing digital images. The setting where the computer is located can be equally as important to ensure your eyes are perceiving that color correctly. You're favorite color may be red, but that is a bad choice for a wall color where you do your editing. [...]

Getting a better picture starts with the right white balance

While many things can be fixed in post production, having the right exposure from the beginning can free up time spent in the computer after a shoot for focusing on techniques like stylizing your image. Guaranteeing you have the right exposure is as easy as making sure you have the proper white balance setting for [...]

Getting color right – all the time

Today's display graphics are no longer considered just a sign. Very often the graphics we print for our customers in the Retail Market are thought of as art by their shoppers. Here at Artisan Colour, color management is religion! The two pillars that we live by are accuracy and consistency. Our ability to replicate colors [...]