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Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab: Why Photo Printers are Making the Switch to Dry Lab

In this blog, you'll learn about: Evolution of Photographic Printing Techniques Wet Lab vs. Dry Lab Comparison Characteristics of a Wet Lab for Photography Characteristics of a Dry Lab for Photography Why Choose Dry Lab Over Wet Lab? Where to find Premier Dry Photo Lab Printing Services? Photographic Printing Techniques: [...]

Why & How To Support Sustainable Photography Printing For Fine Art

As a trailblazer in professional fine art printing, ArtisanHD has long been committed to utilizing the best-in-class photographic printers to create breathtaking fine art images with vivid color and unparalleled detail. For over a decade, professional photographers, artists, institutional art buyers, and graphic designers have entrusted our wet-lab LightJet process to achieve the finest [...]

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