Unless you are in the printing or sign business, your first question may be “what is Sintra?” Sintra is a light-weight, rigid, PVC material that is durable and long-lasting. Because of Sintra’s sturdy properties, the most common use is for signs. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many great ways to use direct to Sintra prints. Here are some ideas:

Corporate Art

When pairing direct to Sintra prints with our custom frames, you get economical and durable prints with a beautiful matte finish – no glass required!  Since our printing process uses UV Curable ink, there is no lamination needed to seal the ink. Prints can be wiped down and cared for easily, without the fear of destroying the artwork. Perfect for an office setting.

Interchangeable Wall Art

I have a large 3-foot wide shot of my little boy hanging in my office printed direct to 6mm Sintra with a museum backing. When people see it they are surprised that the print quality is that good printing direct to a piece of plastic. The detail is so good, that they practically press their face up to the print to try to pick it apart. Because the print quality compares with what you would find in a photographic print, it works great as wall art. One huge advantage is since printing direct to Sintra is so economical, I can swap the print for pennies when I want to change it out for a more current image.

Event SignageCustomizable Sintra Board

The durability of direct to Sintra prints is a perfect fit for special event signage. Especially if the signs will be used over and over. They are lightweight and hold up well under multiple uses. Colors print brightly on Sintra and work well for directional or welcome signage.


Retail Display

Many retail spaces only focus on sale signage. There are many ways to dress up your shop. Sintra prints can be used as accent elements through out the store and are a great way to help promote your store’s brand and add visual interest to your shoppers. Color theory and strategic placement can even help boost sales. Did you know the color green makes people want to spend money?

Direct to Sintra Prints – Outdoors

Since the UV Curable ink is water resistant, Sintra does great when displayed outside. Holes can easily be drilled through the board for installation to an exterior wall. Outdoor Sintra prints are commonly used for signage, breaking out of those restrictions. Why not use Sintra prints to create your own backyard art gallery? Hang some artwork outside before your next soiree, or use them to create your own outdoor sanctuary retreat.