Photographers have large files. Clients need to get those files. There is always a search on for the most efficient ways to get image files to clients, especially large files. File sharing may answer that problem. Trusted networks and user-defined security make yesterday’s “napster-like” file sharing into a very powerful tool for photographers and their clients.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Let’s Share Some Files – Four Services Compared: “File sharing has long been a popular use of the Internet. I remember sitting at my laptop and asking a friend to name a song, and then seeing if I could download it off of Napster and play it before he could find the cd on the shelf, put it into the player and play the song himself. I often won those competitions.

The old Napster is long gone, but was of course replaced with many other P2P networks. Today, a significant portion of Internet traffic is comprised of files being moved over bittorent, a popular and completely decentralized way of sharing files.”