Recently, a set of artist promo cards coming through the print shop caught our eye. Local artist Priscilla Nelson Johnson has been with us for a while. She initially came into the shop for some last-minute fine art print reproductions, and ArtisanHD now prints her reproductions as well as all of her marketing materials and signage.
We spoke with Priscilla briefly about her path to art, how she discovered ArtisanHD, and how our printing has helped her along the way.
“In my 30+ years as an artist, I finally found a company that I 100% trust and love dealing with. I love that I get to use my time to paint and Artisan is there to design and deliver all my marketing needs… They always deliver what they promise.”

About the Artist

Priscilla Nelson Johnson Celebration of Fine Art 2019How did you get started as a painter?

I’ve been painting since I can remember. A childhood fun activity became a passion at an early age. Both my parents were supportive and always made sure I had the materials I needed to paint. Sold my first art piece at age 14 and never looked back!

What inspires you to create art?

I would say that my biggest inspirations are water and people. I love the interaction of the human figure in a water environment. The way the figure creates movement in the water and the way water distorts the light and that movement. I also enjoy painting Koi. For the same reasons.

Where do you display your work?

I do quite a few shows though The Guild Of Realism. The annual (3 month long) Celebration Of Fine Art in Scottsdale, AZ.  Word of mouth and through my working studio. I also do some limited shows through art galleries.

Fine Art Print Reproductions

Why do you offer print reproductions along with sales of your originals?

I do limited reproductions of some of my work to make it affordable and available. As my prices go up and inventory keeps going down it allows, for those that are just starting their art collecting adventure, to participate and own art.

Priscilla Nelson Johnson Fine Art Celebration of Fine Art 2019 Fine Art Print Reproductions

How did you hear about Artisan?

Nelson Priscilla TAPESTRY oil on canvas 30x40 18000My studio happens to be one block away. Wasn’t even sure, at the time, just what all Artisan was about. I walked in one day needing a rush job for a show in Las Vegas and asked if they could help me. I was blown away by how kind everyone was. They acted as if this small print job was the most important thing. They went way above and beyond to help me get it all put together. Including photographing some of my art in order to rush the project.

What have you printed with us?

I have printed several limited Giclees and dye bonds on metal. Artisan is currently working on a new series for my koi paintings. The color pops like nothing I’ve seen before. Can’t wait to make it public.
I have all of my marketing materials and signage printed at Artisan. They always deliver what they promise.

Why Print with ArtisanHD?

What would you tell other people about Artisan?

ArtisanHD Metal Signage

Artisan’s team, across the board, is always professional. They treat their big accounts as well as us “small potatoes” with the same level of respect and attention. In my 30+ years as an artist, I finally found a company that I 100% trust and love dealing with. I love that I get to use my time to paint and Artisan is there to design and deliver all my marketing needs.

Last big show I did, several artists came up and asked me where I got my materials printed. They are all now using Artisan for their print jobs and signage.

We’re lucky to have so many great artists to work with in the Phoenix area. Learn more about Priscilla’s work on her website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

ArtisanHD works with Priscilla and other artists to print fine art print reproductions, marketing materials, and signage. To see more of what ArtisanHD can offer for you, visit our product page!

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