Artisan HD collaborates with artists from all over to create reproductions of their art that are true to the original and worthy of display in a museum or private collection.

We offer a seamless and customizable online checkout experience and we’re available to discuss your project with you as you’re shopping. We do this because the closer we work with artists the better able we are to deliver the exact fine art print reproductions they need.

Pricilla Nelson – Dibond & Canvas Reproductions

Pricilla Nelson has been painting since she was a child and loves painting that uses water and light refraction to capture the singular moment. She has gallery shows throughout the southwest and tours with her art around the country.

She needed a printing partner who could capture the fine details of her work and create reproductions that were of museum quality. She found that partner in Artisan HD.

“In my 30+ years as an artist, I finally found a company that I 100% trust and love dealing with. I love that I get to use my time to paint and Artisan is there to design and deliver all my marketing needs… They always deliver what they promise.”
Priscilla Nelson Johnson Celebration of Fine Art 2019

Why do you offer print reproductions along with sales of your originals?

I do limited reproductions of some of my work to make it affordable and available. As my prices go up and inventory keeps going down it allows, for those that are just starting their art-collecting adventure, to participate and own art.

Why choose Gilcees and Dibond metal prints for your reproductions?

I use Gilcees for canvas recreations, I prefer a thick canvas using Artisan’s advanced Gilcee printers and stretched over a quality subframe. Many of my customers like that canvas is lightweight, easy to hang and true to the original look of my canvas paintings.

I chose to also use dibond prints because they are very different than Gilcee recreations and give my customers a variety of looks to choose from. They’re sleek, modern-looking, and made out of a durable alloy.

What would you tell other people about Artisan?

Artisan’s team, across the board, is always professional. They treat their big accounts as well as us “small potatoes” with the same level of respect and attention. In my 30+ years as an artist, I finally found a company that I 100% trust and love dealing with. I love that I get to use my time to paint and Artisan is there to design and deliver all my marketing needs.

Learn more about Priscilla’s work on her website, or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Priscilla Nelson Johnson Fine Art Celebration of Fine Art 2019 Fine Art Print Reproductions

Jennifer Vranes: Gilcee & Acrylic Reproductions

Jennifer Vranes comes from a family of artists so it’s no wonder she gravitated towards art. Jennifers’ paintings are large, vibrant, and full of color and texture. She uses palette knives to “sculpt” paint onto her canvas creating an almost post-impressionist look.

Her unique style was inspired while backpacking through Europe, as she found herself mesmerized by the art styles of Vincent Van Gogh – bold colors and thick paint.

“Artisan HD makes getting reproductions extremely easy for me. They helped me find someone to photograph my pieces and then stepped me through the ordering process. They’re super fast and the quality is outstanding. I can’t recommend them enough!” – Jennifer Vranes

professional art prints reproduction artist jennifer vranes artisanhd

Why do gallery shows with fine art print reproductions?

Some originals are not for sale or I’m not selling them at this time. For those art pieces, I’ll bring and display a reproduction instead. This also allows buyers to buy the piece they see on the wall and know it’s a documented reproduction print from the artist.

Where is best to display and sell your reproductions?

celebration of fine art show artist Jennifer Vranes ArtisanhdIf you have a quality reproduction from a professional fine art printer, you can display them in galleries or shows both good for different reasons. Galleries get a lot of foot traffic over time and only require the initial setup. Whereas art shows are a single event that allows the artist to connect with possible art buyers.

For me, art shows are the best for selling reproductions. Unlike art galleries, shows like CFA, provide an opportunity to directly connect artists and collectors. Some of my collectors have become more like family over the years. It’s these lasting relationships that I cherish most, and it makes being an artist so rewarding.

Which type of reproductions are best?

I like to have a variety of fine art reproductions on hand. Different mediums offer different advantages and some collectors have a preference or look they want in their art. Canvas, acrylic, metal, or even basic photo paper can all be a good option. Think about your style of art and customer and try a few different reproductions to see which you and art collectors like.

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