To experience the magnificent scope and grandeur that nature has to offer, one only needs to explore the landscape photography of Stan Rose.

Much of Stan’s photography is focused on the landscapes of the western regions in the US, particularly the Southwest; however, Stan has photographed everything from the mountains of Alaska to the beaches of Hawaii, and more.

Artistic Inspiration and Perspective

ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador Stan Rose

A love for nature was instilled in Stan by his parents who took him on trips as a child to national parks like Death Valley, Zion, and Yellowstone. His foray into art began with drawing and painting reproductions of scenic landscapes. He went on to study fine art in college, specializing in acrylic painting. Years later, after receiving his first DSLR camera, he finally got serious about photography.

Stan brings a wide breadth of knowledge, skills, and experience to his photography. In addition to his formal fine art education, Stan has 20 years of experience as a professional meteorologist, including 14 years working with the National Weather Service.

This experience gives him a unique perspective and ability for atmospheric photography, capturing awe-inspiring meteorological conditions in conjunction with breathtaking landscapes. In Stan’s collection of fine art photography, you’ll find streaks of lightning, stunning sunsets, moonsets, stars and galaxies, impressive cloud formations, and even tornadoes.

Discovering Nature Through Photography

For Stan, photography is all about discovering, experiencing, and preserving nature. He wants to take the viewer on the journey of discovering nature as well. Stan wants people looking at his images to feel like they are with him at the scene of the photo. He achieves this by emphasizing depth and clarity in his photographs.

Some of Stan’s photography emphasizes depth to the extreme of giving people a view of the cosmos. The first time he photographed the Andromeda Galaxy rising above Bell Rock in Sedona was a real discovery for Stan and one of his most exciting experiences as a photographer.

Photography of Andromeda Galaxy rising above Bell Rock in Sedona

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Crafting the Perfect Print

Stan’s advice for budding photographers is to get out there and learn everything you can and to be a perfectionist. He encourages artists to learn how to critique their work as well as others so that they can improve weaknesses and nurture strengths.

To create truly great photographic prints, Stan emphasizes the importance of depth, detail, colors that pop, and a printing partner that provides the best quality materials and service.

Stan found ArtisanHD when he moved to Arizona in 2018. During his search for a local printer, he received multiple recommendations for ArtisanHD and came out to tour the facility. Stan was won over by the quality of products and service and the personalized attention ArtisanHD provides.

When asked where he is going next, Stan says, “Wherever the wind takes me!” He has a long list of subjects and places he wants to photograph including the Aurora (maybe in Alaska or Norway) and more west coast ocean photography.

To see more of Stan’s work, you can visit his Sedona Gallery, or you can explore all Stan’s fine art photography on his website.

In the Artist’s Own Words

Great Conjuction PhotographyCan you describe your upbringing? Was there anything in your childhood that led to you being an artist?

I began drawing and painting at a very early age. My parents instilled in me a love of nature, especially from hikes in the mountains of Southern California and on childhood trips to national parks like Death Valley, Zion, and Yellowstone. My earliest favorite subjects to draw and paint were reproductions of scenic landscape calendars. I only got serious about photography years later while attending school in the Pacific Northwest, when I got my first DSLR.

Is it important for you to take people on a journey through your photography?

Yes, I want to bring people along for a journey of discovery—because that is what photography is to me, a means of discovering what nature has to offer and a way to preserve it for the future.

When is your favorite time to shoot?

The magic hour of course! I am not a morning person, but I force myself to get up early and do many hikes in the dark because there is nothing like the new beginning of a glorious sunrise!

Was there ever a time when you were surprised & excited by how a photo or project turned out?

Yes, for example when I first photographed the Andromeda Galaxy rising above Bell Rock in Sedona. 10 years ago I could not have done this without a telescope. But now digital technology and modern techniques enable me to capture deep-space objects as part of a landscape. It is something the eye cannot quite see, but it is a real experience—a real vision, and a real moment in time—nothing imaginary about it.

Do you think about what you want people to feel when they experience your work?

Most definitely! I want people to feel like they were there with me at the scene of my photo. So my style emphasizes the depth and clarity of that experience, as well as the joy of experiencing it.

How do you work? Is it primarily on your own, or as part of a team?

I’m a landscape photographer—we are well-known as introverts! So yes, primarily I am working solo, but I also collaborate for big display projects with designers and printers, and I also work in tandem with my wife, who is an accomplished wildlife and macro photographer.

Red Barn photography

What’s next for you?

Wherever the wind takes me! I have a long list of subjects and places I want to photograph—especially high on my list are the Aurora (maybe in Alaska or Norway) and more ocean photography (west coast).

What advice would you give a creator/artist who is just starting out?

Learn everything you can and get out as much as possible. Learn how to critique your own work and the work of others. Before I went full-time, I spent 15+ years as a ‘semi-professional” and was a moderator on a popular nature photography website. I critiqued thousands of photographs and put my work out there for critique. So I know all my strengths and weaknesses. Improving where you are weak and nurturing where you are strong is the key to success. From a career perspective, learning something about business and marketing is definitely helpful.

Tree of Life PhotographyWhat are the characteristics of a quality photographic print?

They have depth and detail. The colors pop. That is what I get from my encapsulated Dibond prints. Many people come into my gallery and are convinced my displays are backlit—they are not, they just pop!

What led you to Artisan HD?

When I moved to Arizona in 2018, I was looking for a local printer and Artisan HD was by far the most recommended place, so I contacted them, was given a tour, and was sold on their products and service.

Why do you continue to work with Artisan HD?

Because I know I can get personal attention to my products and ideas. When I wanted to create a unique piece of art, Artisan was there for me and brought my vision to reality.

What advice would you give to other artists who want to create and sell quality prints?

Be a perfectionist. Pay attention to every detail. Seek out the best printers and best materials and best service (like ArtisanHD).

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