Artisan HD’s long commitment to professional fine art printing includes using the best-in-class photographic printers to create stunning fine art images with vivid color and detail.

For over a decade professional photographers, artists, and graphic designers have trusted our wet lab LightJet process to achieve the finest photo prints. From a quality of output standpoint, both we and our customers were elated with the high-quality, gallery-level prints we produced.

Unfortunately, there were a few disadvantages to wet lab photo development that made us start to reevaluate how sustainable keeping wet darkroom capabilities was. Wet labs have several environmental downsides compared to dry labs:

  • Uses more water
  • Uses more energy
  • Creates toxic chemical waste

Figuring out ways to make our water and energy usage more sustainable was possible but there was nothing we could do about the chemicals used in the wet lab LightJet.

While this old-school digital darkroom process has certainly produced beautiful prints, it became apparent that to create sustainable photo prints, a wet lab has become outdated due to the following reasons:

  • Environmental Impact. As proud members of EcoVadis, Artisan Colour, and Artisan HD are committed to navigating industry trends while remaining environmentally responsible.
  • Supply Chain. Silver halide photo paper is experiencing unprecedented shortages, leading to long supply delays and inflated costs. Our FujiFilm Crystal Archive paper has remained out of stock as a result, and Kodak has exited the market.

HD Canon vs. WetLab Chart

Sustainable “Darkrooms” With Superior Results

image with brilliant colorsAs part of our continual efforts to provide the highest quality fine art printing and achieve a more sustainable printing process, ArtisanHD will be discontinuing the environmentally unfriendly wet lab LightJet printing process and replacing it with the latest in dry photo lab print technology- the Canon iPF PRO 6100 printer.

With environmental sustainability becoming increasingly important, this move aligns print quality values with environmental values for Artisan, our print partners, and their clients. This modern, clean printing process produces brilliant images with:

  • Wider color gamut compared to wet lab
  • No toxic chemicals
  • High-fidelity color reproduction
  • Sharp, high-resolution
  • Outstanding image clarity
  • Improved gloss uniformity

Discerning artists can create gorgeous prints by partnering with ArtisanHD’s calibrated color management experts – and by leveraging the new Canon PRO-6100, photographers are also demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

More Sustainable and Better Photo Results With Better Technology

To make the switch from wet lab to dry lab photography, we needed to make sure we could deliver just as good or even better photo quality. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an enthusiast, if you’re getting a photo professionally printed, you want museum quality.

Color accuracy and consistency are paramount for professional artists producing high-quality, archival work. This is more easily achieved with the PRO printer’s active color calibration technology that ensures consistency from one print to the next and from one PRO series device to another.

This high-fidelity printer is capable of large 60” output and boasts:

  • 2400 x 1200 DPI
  • Built around LUCIA PRO 11-color ink system
  • Improved gloss consistency
  • Auto-calibration technology to keep every print consistent
  • Includes Chroma Optimizer – a clear coating that expands the color gamut, enhances deep blacks, and prevents bronzing and gloss differential. 

While most of the printing arena works in 4-6 color gamut range, the iPF PRO printer allows ArtisanHD to operate in the 11 color gamut range.

The broad color gamut and high DPI when combined with LUCIA Pro inks (genuine pigmented ink) produce a color expression that is filled with exceptional vibrancy and emotion.

The enhanced detail and range of color is especially evident in distinguishing prints with dark colors. On photographic and fine art papers, the rich black density renders a reproduction capturing depth with nuanced shadow detail for a print that truly becomes a work of art.

HD Selling Guide 2023Are you a professional photographer or artist that is interested in selling more artwork? If you are trying to figure out how to sell your art online, download this Free Photographer Selling Guide now! Building an online presence that draws on your foundation in your local art scene can help you not just survive in times of change, but learn to thrive.

We Support Sustainability In Photography

The beauty of our natural environment is a source of inspiration for many artists, including ArtisanHD Brand Ambassadors, many of whom are professional photographers capturing nature in earth’s most extraordinary surroundings. As like-minded professionals, we are committed to protecting the environment and taking strides to make Artisan HD a more sustainable company without sacrificing legacy print quality.

As a member of EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, introducing the Canon iPF PRO 6100 printer is another step forward in making Artisan’s printing process more environmentally friendly by:

  • Eliminating hazardous chemicals from print production
  • Reducing waste and lessening our overall carbon footprint

HD Canon iPF PRO 6100

Artisan HD will continue to create the highest quality one-of-a-kind fine art prints while simultaneously doing our part to protect the environment. We are confident that you will love the quality of this new printing process along with the many environmental benefits that allow this new technology to prevail over wet lab Lightjet output.

We are excited to bring our new printer online in April and greatly look forward to seeing the stunning art you create with the latest printing technology offered at Artisan HD!

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