I have been reading a lot lately about a broader usage of photography in home decor. Whether it is because it is an affordable option to decorate your house for a quicker resale in a slowing market or because it just looks so darn good on the wall. This article expresses exactly what I am talking about.

More than just a pretty picture – photography tapped as home-decorating element: It’s time to stop stuffing snapshots into an old shoe box. Same for grouping those 5-by-7 class pictures in standard-issue gold frames on the piano top. Photography has come into its own as a home-decorating element. Decorating with photographs is artistic and often more affordable than other more traditional art forms.

Lorna Fenenbock, who owns The Art Barn in Ossining, has worked with many customers who want something more powerful than a memento for the mantel.

They might create a collage or a shadow box. Sometimes they just want an unusual matting or a particularly eye-catching frame.


They go on to say…


Joseph Squillante of Mount Vernon, a photographer since 1972, agrees. “I would certainly say photography is in a very good place today,” he says. “Photography is still affordable as a fine-art medium.”