From Professional Player on the Field to Photography IN the Field

Here at ArtisanHD, we get to work on interesting projects all the time, but we never expected to work with an NFL star athlete turned artist. In this case, we had the pleasure of printing (2) XL Kodak Metallic Photo Prints – Mounted to black 6mm Sintra – for Tony Mandarich. Are you curious? See more of Tony’s amazing work here

Tony with his latest metallic Photo Prints creation

Tony with his latest creation

At first glance, this is a bit of a departure from the usual “Persona Portraits” which focus on capturing incredible HDR images for many Pro Athletes. Tony has developed a very unique style in this genre, but Tony is no “One Trick Pony”.

Reinvention and Artistic Evolution

Tony already re-invented himself from a serious force on the Gridiron, to a very well rounded and successful studio photographer / composite artist, so for him to make the leap from “Portraits” to “Iconic Landscapes” is really no surprise.  Plus, since Tony is located near our Scottsdale headquarters, we got to see his reaction to the final product, and that’s what makes working with local artists and photographers so much fun.

Why Metallic Photo Prints?

Helping our clients select the best possible material enables us to help create a final product that delivers even more from an image than what the artist originally saw on screen. It is what also makes us true print partners.

And hey, the talented staff at is here to give you the same star treatment, no matter what your background (or how big your biceps) is!

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