The “Photoshop world” is quite an extensive one. From photo editing and retouching to graphic and web design (and everything in between). The possibilities to create original works of art through this platform are truly limitless. We recently had the opportunity to chat with an artist and an ArtisanHD client, Paulo Crus.

Paulo finds passion in taking his traditional photography and transforming it into something entirely new and creative, utilizing Photoshop. Paulos work is also available for sale.

The Photoshop World of Artistry

Photoshop Artistry inspires artists to stand out and be different. Encouraging artists to enhance their original photographs by creating something entirely new with them. The online training course provides its students with the fundamentals on how to be a master of photo art compositions (and more) all whilst working solely in the photoshop world.

Meet The Artist: Paulo Crus

1. How did your passion for art begin?

Paulo Crus Photoshop World Artistry ArtisanHDwas born and raised in Brazil but am now living in the USA. In the ’70s, I attended a military school where I took some black & white photography classes. At that time, digital was not available, only film. In the early ’80s, I began oil painting and for many years, I did not hand draw or paint again. I achieved some Photoshop skills and around 1995, I purchased my first digital camera.

2. Why Photoshop Artistry? 

I am a lucky man; I have an amazing wife, who always tried to be supportive and understanding. One day she questioned me: Why you do not put together your computer skills with the pictures you take and start creating art again? That got me thinking and I began doing some research about it. I found many interesting articles but one caught my eye, Photoshop Artistry.

The works and techniques used by this one specific online course really hooked me. So with the classes information, the knowledge acquired during the years, my pictures and resources from the modern world, I started creating art again.

photoshop world of artistry interview paulo crus barn image artisanhd

Artwork by Paulo Crus

3. What is your favorite piece that you’ve created & why?

natures goddess artwork by paulo crus photoshop world artistry artisanhd

Nature’s Goddess by Paulo Crus

I love every single piece, especially the ones with animals. But if I have to pick one, it would be “Nature’s Goddess”. It is the first piece that I’ve used a person.

Also, the model I selected is someone that I love dearly and that also supports what I do. With this piece, I hope I can break the fear that I have of using people in my art.

4. Which materials & images did you have printed?

The materials that I use are mainly, metal, acrylic and some canvas. I am putting together a collection of my favorite images to be used for my first exhibition this coming August.


Get Your Artwork Printed With ArtisanHD

Here at ArtisanHD, we love to introduce artists to new printing and mounting options that are one of a kind. Materials such as Dibond Brushed Metal, HD Acrylic, Canvas, and so much more.

We even have our very own in-house Photoshop Guru. He is also the recipient of the ‘Photographer of the Year Award‘ and several others at this years AzPPA Convention! Are you interested in trying something new? Email our team at with any questions that you may have.