In search of custom artwork to display in your home, but don’t have the budget to purchase the original paintings? Or perhaps you’re an artist looking for an efficient way to sell your own work? Professional art prints or fine art reproductions (commonly known as, giclée prints) is your best bet to the real thing! This is the process of using ink-jet printers to reproduce your digital photos into professional art prints.

For Artisan HD client and artist, Jennifer Vranes, we specialize in the Giclée on Canvas method.

Meet The Artist: Jennifer Vranes

blank canvas artist jennifer vranes professional art prints

“I come from a family of artists. My mother has 4 siblings who are all professional artists. So, at a young age, she recognized the creative gene in me and fostered it throughout my childhood and teen years. I decided to major in art in college”

– Jennifer Vranes

Jennifers paintings are large, vibrant and full of color and texture. Her unique style was inspired while backpacking through Europe, as she found herself mesmerized by the art styles of Vincent Van Gogh – bold colors and thick paint.

Once home, she challenged herself to start experimenting with palette knives. With this, she began “sculpting” paint onto her canvas, a technique she hadn’t learned in her 4 years of college!

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Question: What is your favorite art piece that you’ve worked on?

Answer: It was a 108” x 144″ painting for a family in Calgary, Canada. They had a large wall that had been bare for 8 years because they couldn’t figure out what to put there. When they found my work, they knew I was the artist for the job! They flew me out to Calgary so I could get inspired for their painting. One look at Lake Louise and that gorgeous glacial blue-green water was all it took.

jennifer vranes painting

Celebration of Fine Art Show

celebration of fine art show artist Jennifer Vranes ArtisanhdJennifer has been attending the Celebration of Fine Art Show, located in Scottsdale Arizona, for the past 12 years. This annual event brings together 100 + various artists from around the country (and lovers of art) all together to connect in one space.

Jennifer mentions, “unlike art galleries, a show like CFA is unique in the way it directly connects artists and collectors. Some of my collectors have become more like family over the years.

It’s these lasting relationships that I cherish most, and it makes being an artist so rewarding.”

“It’s a fantastic art show—one of the best! I love rubbing shoulders with the top artists in their particular fields…and seeing my collectors every year is always so fun.” – Jennifer Vranes

Professional Art Prints Preparation

“Artisan HD is right down the street from the show, so they make getting Giclées extremely easy for me. They helped me find someone to photograph my pieces, and then stepped me through the ordering process. They’re super fast and the quality is outstanding. I can’t recommend them enough!”

– Jennifer Vranes

Question: What does the process look like to get ready for such an event?

professional art prints in process artisanhd shop

Answer: I start preparing for the show a few months before I head out to AZ. It’s important to have different items of art for sale—something for everyone that comes to the show. For those who want something beautiful but don’t have the budget to get an original painting, my Giclée series is popular!

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