Declan McCullagh photographs the Sahara

Micheal Palin takes us inside the Sahara with some unusual photographs and insights.


In “River of Sand,” photographer Jean-Luc Manaud and writer Martine Ravache capture the beauty and mystery of the Niger River as it wanders through an otherwise dry and lonely place.


Our PhotoGallery features select photographs from “River of Sand,” a book of Mr. Manaud’s photographs of life on the Niger River.


Photos of Morocco. Fascinating.

The giant sand dunes at Merzouga herald the start of the Sahara Desert. Expatriate American author Paul Bowles wrote of the desert …
“… there is a hushed quality in the air, as if the quiet were a constant force which,
resenting the intrusion of sound, minimises and disperses it straightaway”.

Large photos of the desert, especially one as expansive and exotic as the Sahara, can give a room a sense of space and simplicity.