Are you new to ArtisanHD and wondering how to get started on your first project? Do you believe your online digital art deserves a spot up on the wall? Well, we agree!

That is why we made the process of uploading your digital images and creating custom artwork simple – using our online customizer. Uploading is easy, but if you are unsure where to start, follow these step-by-step directions and within just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to creating your very own custom piece of art.

1. Upload & Customize Page

Start by selecting your favorite image and heading over to the ArtisanHD homepage. You will notice on the website navigation menu, a tab labeled “Upload & Customize”. Begin by clicking here.

To ensure you’ve made it to the correct page, quickly verify that your screen looks identical to the image below.

upload customize online digital art artisanhd

2. Upload Manually or Drag And Drop Files

There are two simple ways to upload your images, and it’s all based on personal preference. You can either manually upload your image file(s) by clicking on the blue upload button and selecting your desired image from your computer.

Or you can simply drag and drop your image file(s) from your desktop to the designated marked location. It really is THAT simple! (Watch the short video tutorial below for a moving example of this).

After you’ve successfully uploaded your online digital art images, it’s time to customize your sizing and materials. Material options at ArtisanHD include canvas, acrylic, HD photo papers, brushed metal, XL prints, backlit film prints, and more.

upload button online-customizer online digital art artisanhd

How To Video: Uploading Your Online Digital Art Images

We have also put together a quick step by step tutorial regarding how to upload your images using our online customizer.  This video, along with a few other quick tutorials we have created, can also be found on our youtube channel.

We’re More Than Printing, We’re Artisan.

ArtisanHD completes a thorough Quality Control List prior to shippingArtisanHD is more than just a print shop, we’re a printing partner. We enjoy building relationships with our clients and working closely with them to make their artistic vision a reality.

Please feel free to email our professional artisan team at with any questions that you may have.