Wireless memories?

Scott from Visualville posed a question that I have been wondering for years. Where have all the pictures gone? With more and more people converting their entire lives to digital, the absence of real printed pictures is creating a large gap in our tangible history.

There was a time when photos, (prints), were precious. A fireman once told me that normal folks will only run back into a burning building for one of the three P’s… People, Pets and Pictures. Could you lay your hands on 100 meaningful printed images from your life? I doubt if I could. We are making more and more digital images and fewer and fewer prints. Where have all the photographs gone? Will we have our memories as we grow older?

Would you run back into a burning building for your memory card? I think not.

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Mike Goldner of ArtisanHD
With a passion for Artisan Colour's high-quality color matching and digital print process, Mike Goldner provides expert client support services on a local and national level to Artisan Colour's online print service customers who order large format, high-definition prints online direct from ArtisanHD.com.

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  1. Ilese October 19th, 2007 at 9:21 pm

    If I had to evacuate quickly I would grab my 3 Cs – camera, computer drives and CDs. I could carry out a lot more images than trying to grab some shoeboxes of prints or a few heavy albums.

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