Cody Roberts is a true landscape artist, a photographer who inspires people to care about the Earth. His work is visually therapeutic, creating stress relief in the form of beautiful imagery. He’s especially well-known for his award-winning Hawaii aerial photography.


AA template Cody RobertsAfter graduating from high school, Cody moved to Hawaii.

“After several years of being immersed in such a beautiful place, I found myself capturing my island adventures using one of the first GoPro model cameras. Since I had been influenced so much from my advanced art classes in high school, I knew I wanted to create large wall art. Then I found photography. I bought my first digital camera and was fascinated with the concept of drawing with light. I was also in such an incredible place to create landscape and nature photography. It all just clicked for me.”

Cody aims to give his clients prints that will inspire them and transport them to the meditative escape of nature.

Hawaii Aerial Photography

After getting more experience in photography, Cody began searching out new angles.

“As a landscape photographer, I’m always searching for something new. For me, photography is about being an observer, not about capturing an iconic location to mark off a bucket list. Usually, the more isolated and untouched a landscape is, the more I’m drawn to it.”

He works with helicopter pilots and boat captains to get to the far reaches of the Hawaiian Islands. Cody has received multiple awards for his aerial photography, and once you check out his work, you can see why!

“My love for aerial photography is always a thrill. While I will typically have a pre-meditated idea for what I want to capture geographically with the right light and conditions, there are always surprises waiting to be found when you’re flying. My image “Love of Pe’ahi” from my Spirits of the Sea collection was probably one of the biggest surprises in my career when gallons of mist sprayed off the back of a 50-foot wave and formed into the shape of a heart.”

Flow of Life

Working with Artisan

We spoke with Cody about his partnership with ArtisanHD.

What led you to Artisan HD?

When I decided that acrylic face-mount prints were what best represented my work, I was very pleased with the ease of online ordering, the quality of the finished products, and the friendly staff at Artisan HD. They’ve always answered all of my questions and have given me great customer service. What more could you ask for?

Why do you continue to work with Artisan HD?

As I sell more and more of my work, I need a printing lab that I can rely on to produce the museum quality prints that I offer. Artisan HD has lived up to my standards.

Hawaii Aerial Photography

What are the characteristics of a quality photographic print?

This is something I spent years learning and figuring out. I worked with several printers/labs and printed on many substrates. Since my work features a lot of precise details, I believe a quality print reflects the true vision of an artist. Color accuracy, tonal range, and detail quality are what I look for.

What advice would you give to other artists who want to create and sell quality prints?

Learn how to process your digital files and optimize them for print. As digital technology continues to evolve, there are always new things to learn that will reflect in your finished print quality. And spend as much time learning business as you do creating your work. It may not be as fun, but there’s nothing like the rewarding feelings of successfully selling your art.

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The Future

When asked what advice he would give an artist just starting out, he said,

“The life of an artist is an endless discovery of the limitless beauty, shapes, and forms of light. If this is your career, remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Always continue to learn, grow, and push yourself – especially when it seems uncomfortable. You only truly fail if you quit.”

Cody’s work is on exhibition at the Four Seasons Maui on Saturday mornings. He is looking forward to connecting with people all over the world, and hopes to travel to India and Africa to document big cats.

Smooth Pe ahi Jaws Aerial Photography Cody Roberts

Cody Roberts believes that nature is intrinsic to our wellbeing and has the power to heal. When asked about his ultimate goal, he said, “I want people to enjoy a lifetime of inspiration, joy, and wonder through my artwork.” His Hawaii aerial prints are a perfect representation of how inspiring landscape photography can be.

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