9th Oct 2017

ArtisanHD Introduces Clusters and Splits

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ArtisanHD is now offering Clusters and Splits in our product lineup, so you can enjoy a totally unique wall art gallery in your home or office.

1st Jan 2011

Out of the Box Installation

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Scott Price of Innerhand Shaping completed a professional design and installation of 7 large format pieces for San Diego Sports Medicine. Their main lobby and gym at the new facility were enhanced with images of local San Diego landmarks and athletes by local photographers. The images where a mix of a direct to print on [...]

1st May 2010

Ideal workspace conditions for viewing accurate color on your computer

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Having a calibrated monitor is essential when color correcting and editing digital images. The setting where the computer is located can be equally as important to ensure your eyes are perceiving that color correctly. You're favorite color may be red, but that is a bad choice for a wall color where you do your editing. [...]

1st Nov 2007

No more naked walls!

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Naked? Bueno! Naked walls? No bueno! As you know we here at Artisan HD love BIG PRINTS. We love making photographs in to really large (huge) prints of astounding sharpness and clarity. With that in mind, we set about the mission of dressing up one of our favorite customers. Global Spectrum; a leader in sports, [...]

1st May 2007

Coming to the surface

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Microsoft released their newest innovation in computer technology today. Their Milan surface table top computer is run entirely on touch manipulation. There is no mouse and no keyboard. It looks very similar to what Jeff Hahn demonstrated at the TED convention earlier this year. Read our write up on it here. The implications for the [...]

1st Oct 2006

Workspace inspiration

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Even if you are looking at the clock right now calculating how many seconds until you can start your weekend, this compilation of 10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces put together by The Chief Happiness Officer may inspire you to remodel your office so that you'll never want to leave.What I noticed through out most of the [...]