We have art-loving visitors who return year after year to see the new artwork we’ve added,” states Caroline Bauchet-Bouhlal, owner of Es Saadi Marrakech Resort in Morocco, in a booking.com article on art improving guest experience.

Hotel art has long been the visual equivalent of elevator music – something for people to look at while temporarily occupying a space. However, this approach is no longer effective as hotels must distinguish themselves in a competitive and complex travel marketplace.

The annual State of the Art report, which surveys professionals in the hospitality, design, and architecture industries, confirms the impact of art and culture in the hotel industry:

  • 95% say their project would be less successful without artwork.

Visual art is a proven marketing tool. It makes your hotel more aesthetically appealing and enhances the guest experience through brand identity.

Artwork in hotels actively communicates your greater branding and marketing strategy. This article will cover why art is so effective as a marketing tool and how you can distinguish your brand by creating custom artwork for your hotel.

Ultimately, artwork attracts more business to your hotel, and here’s how it does it:

  1. Art As a Hotel Marketing Tool
  2. Why is Hotel Branding so Important?
  3. Increase Your Value Proposition
  4. Enhance Guest Experience
  5. Custom Fine Art Solutions for Your Hotel Marketing

Art As a Hotel Marketing Tool

Historically, most hotels have experienced limited success implementing artwork in their lobby, restaurant, and rooms too often bland, mass-produced artwork was used to fill empty spaces. The content and quality of the artwork were not as important as the presence of the artwork alone.

However, in the digital era, customers have immediate access to hospitality options and can easily compare your hotel to regional competition.

In the competitive hotel industry, unique and engaging marketing tools are required to help your brand stand out and capture your target audience.

76% of industry leaders believe a collection of original artwork is one of the best ways to generate buzz around a hotel project.

Custom artwork is an ideal hotel marketing solution.

Why is Hotel Branding so Important?

Brand identity articulates your hotel style, value, and personality. It influences your customers’ perceptions, notions, and experiences regarding your brand. Additionally, a strong brand identity sets your hotel apart from the competition with a lasting impact.

Take a minute to think about these hotels…

  • The Plaza Hotel
  • Red Roof Inn
  • Marriott Hotels

Very distinct styles, services, and price points come to mind with each recognizable hotel brand. That’s exactly why brand identity is so important.

What do you want your hotel to be known for?

Where will it fall on the spectrum of hotel options your customers have?

Why will customers choose your brand again and again in a sea of hospitality options?

Art can have a significant impact on solidifying and marketing a hotel’s brand identity. 73% of industry professionals agree that art helps bring the brand to life.

Unique artwork that reflects your hotel’s theme, regional culture, or local history is an important factor in establishing an engaging brand identity.

HD Prints in hotel room

Increase Your Value Proposition

In the hospitality world, a smooth check-in, friendly service, clean rooms, excellent food, and beautiful aesthetics are all part of your value proposition.

Beyond providing a bed with clean sheets and towels, refined artwork immeasurably increases the value of the product or services that you’re providing.

For example, a captivating art installation in your lobby is a unique way to engage and connect with guests. It may even be the selling point that inspires groups and organizations to host larger events at your hotel.

Enhance Guest Experience

Guests, whether traveling for leisure or business, expect hotels to be places where they can unwind and relax. Art contributes significantly to the guest experience by providing a calming and comfortable ambiance.

The presence of art in hotels adds a comforting touch that is also noticeable in online accommodation previews. Artwork creates an enticing and welcoming impression for potential customers that can help your brand secure bookings.

After their stay, guests will remember the unique aesthetic and experience that you’ve crafted. This can have a word-of-mouth effect where guests recommend your hotel to family and friends.

Artwork often becomes a reason why guests return to your establishment; 52% of industry professionals agree that art encourages repeat visits.

Stylish living room with custom art

Custom Fine Art Solutions for Your Hotel Marketing

In a nation of over 108,000 hotel businesses, differentiating your brand demands more than just comfort and convenience—it requires strong branding, marketing, and captivating guests the moment they walk through the door.

While ultra-luxury hotels, such as the Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel, have rotating seasonal galleries of oil paintings, this concept is not feasible for most hotels.

On the other hand, mass-produced “big box” artwork is generally full of bland stock images that add little to no value to your hotel.

Custom fine art printing with ArtisanHD is the ideal solution between these two opposing extremes. We offer an array of print materials from metal prints and canvas classics to high-fidelity acrylic masterpieces, which means you’re never short on choices to match your hotel’s aesthetic.

Plus, with ArtisanHD’s concierge-style service, you can turn your fine art concept into a stress-free reality.

To learn more about ArtisanHD’s custom fine art printing solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry, book a call today and we can help to bring your creative vision to life!