Plastic Cleaner for trulife acrylic printAfter designing your custom Trulife Acrylic work of art, you want to take every step you can to protect it and make it last. So what are the best methods to clean a Trulife Acrylic print? Plastic cleaner is ideal along with a microfiber cloth. However, any gentle monitor or eye glass cleaner will also work. Do stay away from ammonia or alcohol-based cleaners and paper towels, as these products can scratch the surface.

Protect Your Trulife Acrylic Print with an Encapsulation Layer

Custom Trulife Acrylic Print Encapsulation

Want to protect your Trulife Acrylic print as much as possible? Consider adding an encapsulation layer. It will offer both an additional layer of protection to your print PLUS opacity. Opacity is important when you choose a museum-back (hidden floating frame), since the back could create a darker (i.e. visible) line where the wooden frame touches the print.

Encapsulation Benefits:

  • Long-lasting durability
  • Opacity
  • Gallery-style look
  • Rigid, frameless finish

Protect your investment with with the right cleaning products and an encapsulated print from ArtisanHD. Transform your artwork into long-lasting, museum-quality gallery prints.

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