Museum back float prints, also known as acrylic float mounts, are a popular way to display artwork because they give the appearance of the art print floating off the wall. Many people like the combination of the sleek, modern look of an acrylic print and the optical illusion of the print appearing to hover in place. We refer to it as “museum mount” because this style of hanging is preferred by art museums.

Acrylic Photo-mount, Plexiglass Design

Mounted Print “Floats”

Here’s how these prints are typically hung:

  1. Mounting the Print to Acrylic: Regardless if you choose to print directly on the acrylic or use a face-mounted photo paper, the first step is to choose and print the artwork of your choice.
  2. Hanging Hardware: Hanging hardware is attached to the back of the acrylic print to achieve the floating effect. Your acrylic prints can be delivered with this hardware already attached if you choose. This hardware is designed to be hidden from view when the print is hung.
  3. Wall Installation: On the wall where you plan to hang the print, you’ll need to install the corresponding part of the hanging hardware. This could involve mounting brackets, screws, or other components to the wall. The exact installation process can vary based on the type of hardware used and the weight of the acrylic panel.
  4. Hanging the Print: With the hardware in place on both the print and the wall, you can then carefully hang the acrylic float print. The hanging hardware on the print and the wall should interlock or fit together in a way that provides stability while maintaining the illusion of the print floating.

You also have the option to add another before the museum mounting. This is called Acrylic Print Encapsulation. If you are interested in this specialized plexiglass design and mounting option, please contact our Artisans directly at (877) 948-0009. We will gladly create a custom design and quote for you. No matter how your artwork is mounted and displayed on your walls, the plexiglass print will make your images truly shine and stand out!