Ever wonder what happens before a custom made print leaves our shop? After a print is made, we don’t just pop it into a box and cross our fingers. We check for quality control at every step of the production cycle.

When Quality Control Starts

ArtisanHD completes a thorough Quality Control List prior to shipping

Before it’s even made, our pre-press team looks at each file and prepares it for the destined out-put. If we spot a problem with the file, we’ll reach out and check with you before we proceed.

Once a print is made, it goes through the first visual inspection by one of our experienced artisan print makers.

After that, it’s off to finishing. Be it mounting, cutting, trim…it all gets checked & verified for quality control and accuracy against the job-ticket.

Even packaging is an important step in ArtisanHD's quality control measuresAgain, the print is visually inspected for quality before it gets handed off to packaging. There, your prints are carefully hand-packed, boxed up and a shipping label is printed with all the box contents listed.

Only then do we scan it in for shipping, apply the labels and send it on it’s way.

Damage During Shipping?

What if it gets there and was damaged in shipping? No worries, we will handle the entire process for you. All we need is a few photos of the box, the damage to the print and we will make a new print right away (no charge), send it out and handle the shipping claim in the meantime. Still curious about our superior quality control?  Check out our many reviews here!

“More than Printing, we’re Artisan”