CLX EXT outdoorpool 111417

ChromaLuxe aluminum prints are best displayed indoors on a wall that doesn’t get 8+ hours of direct sunlight. However, because of some of the unique attributes of metal prints, there are a few things to consider:

  • Great for large walls – With sizes up to 8 feet and clusters beyond that, metal prints have become a popular choice for large walls in homes and public places.
  • Best for offices – Make it easy on the cleaning crew and add fine art to spruce up an office or place of business.
  • Perfect for kitchens – Because it’s non-porous you can use the same cleaner used for your countertops to clean off a metal print in your kitchen. Hang it right above your oven and wipe away any pasta sauce or grease stains.
  • Amazing for bathrooms – Metal prints are water and humidity resistant and can also be cleaned with common household disinfectants so you can clean it like you would your bathroom surface.
  • Not ideal for high-traffic areas – While all metal prints are blunt to the touch and pose no harm if they are bumped into, it’s not ideal to have a print that’s in an area where it’s likely to be bumped. Avoid narrow hallways or low enough for children to accidentally knock into.

Are ChromaLuxe prints for use outdoors?

ChromaLuxe aluminum is not for permanent outdoor display. Any prints displayed outdoors will result in faster than normal fade. That being said, ChromaLuxe is now testing an outdoor sign version of their aluminum substrate. Please let us know if you’re interested and we’ll get an update on the product development. Once fully released and vetted, we’ll onboard that product line as well.

How should I light my ChromaLuxe metal print?

When you’re customizing your ChromaLuxe print you can choose between a matte or gloss finish – choosing this finish will also help determine how or if you should at all, light your metal print. There are generally three choices for lighting your metal print:

  • Room lighting – Allow the natural light of the room to illuminate the print.
  • Lighting from below – Using a nearby light fixture placed near the bottom of the print can help highlight it in the room and bring out the colors.
  • Lighting from above – Using fine art display lighting you can get anywhere, this puts the most light directly on the print.