We strive to make every print we make perfect and sometimes that requires a little extra work in prepress with an image editor. We understand that not every photo you want a print of will be perfect right away so we look for opportunities to fix photos before they are printed and disappoint you.

Every photo that’s submitted for printing is evaluated for its fitness and if there’s an issue we’ll work with you to get it exactly how you envisioned it. The most common photo adjustments we make for customers include:

  • Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness: Sometimes photos aren’t as bright as they could be or need some sharpness added to them. This is done by adjusting the overall brightness and contrast of an image to make it look more appealing or correct existing exposure issues.
  • Color Correction: Photoshop and similar photo manipulation software allows you to adjust the colors of an image. This can include changing the white balance, altering the saturation, or even completely changing the color of objects in the photo.
  • Cropping and Resizing: Some images would benefit by trimming “unused” space by cropping it to change the composition and increase the focal point of the photo. It’s also common to resize an image (typically an uncompressed TIF, RAW, or PNG) to fit its application.
  • Removing Blemishes and Imperfections: Retouching photos is common for publications and can greatly increase the attractiveness of a photo. This includes removing things like blemishes, red eye or other undesirable aspects of the photo.

Most photos we’re sent to print are fine the way they are and we will only contact you if we believe that printing the submitted photo will result in a sub-par product. You’ll be given the option to make the adjustments yourself or get our help.

If the resolution of your photo requires some boosting, or your subject has a bad case of red eye, or the exposure and/or contrast isn’t exactly right, our computer-experienced digital art artists will work to fix any problem*.

Does Artisan HD Do Photo Manipulation On Request?

Yes, should you have a photo and vision for how you want it to look we can work with you to realize that vision. Some of the more common requests include:

  • Adding text or graphics
  • Using photo filters or texturing
  • Adding/removing objects
  • Restoring photos
  • Creating picture collages

high resolution printing eliminates visual pixels - Artisan digital art artists

Rest assured that your photo will not be sent straight to our large format printers for production without human intervention if we feel the photo will yield a poor canvas reprint. We will always contact you if we cannot fix a problem photograph.

*Please note: enhancing photos or Photoshop work may be billed by the hour for digital art artists, upon approval from the client.