For businesses or public spaces, the need for signage to help or inform visitors is a must. One of the most popular types of signage are direct to photo board prints because of the advantages of the unique printing process. Unlike traditional paper or photo paper prints, direct-to-photo prints use a thick foam board and UVgel inks that provide several advantages.

  • Durability – The rigid substrate of a foam composite that is less prone to tearing or damage compared to traditional paper or vinyl.
  • Professional Appearance – The printing process allows for vibrant colors and sharp details, making the signage visually appealing.
  • Versatility – Allows for different colors or graphics to be used for things like retail displays, trade show graphics, wayfinding and general signage.
  • Easy To Handle – Smudge-proof, UV-cured inks and lightweight foam make direct-to-board prints convenient to transport, handle and install.
  • No Bulk Needed – Cost-effectiveness allows for short-run or one-time prints to be produced at reasonable rates.
  • Fast Printing – The simple printing process makes meeting quick-turnaround times easy.

Direct to Photo Board prints, also known as hard surface prints, are great for both indoor and outdoor environment. The printing process used to create them makes them durable in almost any environment. Direct to Photo Board PrintsThe key is the UV curing ink applied to the rigid surface, either Sintra or Infinity Board, using our high definition large format inkjet printer. Using powerful UV light, the printer then cures the ink. This curing process offers incredible durability, which is why hard surface prints are suitable for outdoor displays without any protective coating. Direct to photo board prints also hold up well to indoor displays that receive a lot of direct sunlight. The perfect choice for any environment!