Professional-grade photo prints can be produced using a variety of image file formats. We make professional photo printing online easy by accepting many of the most popular file types:

  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • PSD
  • PDF

What file type is the best to use for online custom printing, and why?

We recommend you use Adobe RGB (1998) Color Space, a file format commonly used in the field of digital imaging and photography. There are several reasons for this:

Wider Color Gamut

Adobe RGB (1998) can represent an expanded range of colors compared to sRGB. This is useful for reproducing vibrant and saturated colors.

Preservation of Color Data

Adobe RGB (1998) preserves more color data and provides greater flexibility, useful for RAW image files or extensive editing in post-processing.

Printer Compatibility

While sRGB is the default color space for many devices and online platforms, Adobe RGB (1998) is still widely supported by professional software applications and devices.

What’s the maximum file size for a print?

The maximum file size you can upload is 1 GB. For the vast majority of prints, this file size is plenty big enough to get the detail and fidelity you’re looking for. While we can accommodate larger uploads, this is typically done with larger pieces or custom jobs, like oversized wall prints for a business or custom wallpaper.

Step 1 for custom printing online - a museum back print - professional photo printing online

Step 1

How big is a 10-megapixel JPEG’s file size?

Just to give you a perspective on size, one 10-megapixel JPEG image will average about 4.5 megabytes. There are 1000 megabytes in a gigabyte. Wondering about pixels and bytes and printing? Check out our blog!