Whether or not you can turn a photo or graphic into a large format high-definition print depends on both the pixels per square inch (PPI) of the digital image and the dots per square inch (DPI) of the printed image. While these terms are often used interchangeably, it’s important to understand that you can’t have one without the other for large-format prints. A lower PPI becomes blurry when enlarged and a lower DPI has poor image fidelity.

In the world of digital photography and printing, resolution determines quality. In digital photography, itty-bitty squares called pixels make up the photo image we see (PPI). The more pixels a camera has, the more image information it can receive. Therefore, higher numbered pixel cameras produce higher resolution photographs (DPI), leading to a clear, crisp HD print.

What’s A Good PPI Resolution To Create Large HD Photos?

For reference, the typical PPI of an image you see on the internet is about 72 PPI and would look terrible if it was blown up to a large size when printed. For an image that needs to be enlarged and keep its details, a 300 PPI is best. However, depending on the image and final size you can use between 150 – 300 PPI and still get good results.

That’s why the preferred photo formats are uncompressed and typically larger in size. When files are uncompressed you can determine the PPI when demosaicing and rasterizing the image in processing. The best file formats include:

  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • RAW

When converting a physical photo into a larger format the same holds true while scanning a photo. Uncompressed file formats that allow for the highest PPI will produce the best enlargements. Photographs with higher resolution can more easily be reprinted into large-format high-definition prints. That’s why we include a scanning service as part of what we offer. When you order custom HD prints online, our scanners turn your photos into high-resolution images.

What’s The Best DPI Available For HD Printing Of Large Format Photos?

HD printers at commercial print shops, such as Artisan HD, can print between 300 DPI and 600 DPI. 300 DPI prints are fine for most applications, even large format, while 600 DPI prints are for museum quality prints or large format prints with an extreme amount of detail. The printers at Artisan HD are advanced enough to accommodate between 300 – 600 DPI and we can consult with you on what would be best for your particular application.

Our printing company is able to produce customized large-format prints in HD because of our printers’ capacities. Whereas cameras and images are made up of pixels, the printer creates high-definition canvas prints (also high-definition plexi and acrylic prints) on three different machines using a measurement called DPI (dots per inch). The higher the DPI, the higher the definition of the reprint.

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Our printers boast the highest DPI available. In plain language, that means the high definition giclée prints, wall murals, and the custom HD prints online that you order from us are crystal clear in color and incredibly sharp in their appearance. When you take advantage of our printing service, you feel you are living in the moment of the photo. It’s an extraordinary experience!