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How do I select the finish on my custom photo canvas prints?

Finishing styles for custom photo canvas prints

ArtisanHD allows you to upload your image, proof your print, and order a canvas print online with our Configurator. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly for consultation on how to get the optimal print.

Our Configurator has an easy-to-use preview and order flow:

1. Choose between a single print or a cluster of prints

Do you want one big print or do you want your photo broken into smaller prints? Most canvas prints we sell are in one piece, however, depending on the resolution and style you’re looking for, a cluster of the same photo can be a great choice as well.

2. Upload your photo

We prefer an uncompressed .tif, flattened (no layers) minimum resolution 150DPI at full print size, 300DPI if possible. 8bit, with Adobe RGB98 as the color profile. (NO gray scales) However, .jpg and sRGB are also acceptable.

Additional file types that are accepted include: .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .psd, and .psb. A 1/8” bleed is required on all images and any Signatures / Logos should be at minimum 1/2” away from any edges.

3. Preview your print & select canvas size

You’ll see a couch with your canvas print hung over it. You can also swap out the couch (72″x32″) displayed with other furniture such as:

  • Chair (24″x18″)
  • Nightstand (18″x22″)
  • Queen-sized bed (68″x43″)
  • Bar table (76″x48″)

This gives you an idea of the size and scale of the canvas for the room you want to hang your print in. If you’ve uploaded a low-resolution photo you’ll see warnings for that during this process. See the above requirements and preferred photo resolutions for the highest-quality prints.

4. Select glossy, semi-gloss, or matte

Most of the canvas prints we sell are semi-gloss, as they combine the best of both glossy and matte canvas finishes, but depending on where you’ll be displaying the print (in lower or higher than average light) you may consider a glossy or matte finish.

5. Choose subframe thickness

Select one of three options, 9/16″, 1 1/2″, or 2″ thick subframe. Each subframe is custom-made using quality wood and materials, so no matter your choice you’ll get a sturdy subframe that will last for decades.

6. Choose finishing options (all free)

  • Mirrored Gallery Wrap – The most common option.
  • Black Gallery Wrap – Best for darker images
  • White Gallery Wrap – Best for brighter images

7. Add hanging accessories (optional)

If you’re going to hang your canvas directly on the wall, you can choose to add a wire or sawtooth hangar to come preinstalled on the back of the subframe.

8. 3-D preview

Take one last look at a 3-D render of your canvas and if it looks good – get it delivered in days!

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