Chromaluxe5 gloss

“Metal Print” has become common vernacular in the print industry, but it basically means an image or photo printed on metal. At Artisan, we have two types of metal prints- Dibond and ChromaLuxe.

Dibond is a brushed aluminum metal print. Your photograph or artwork is printed directly onto the smooth metal surface using the latest UV printing technology. Any areas of your image that are a true white will reveal the raw, brushed aluminum metal surface. This gives Dibond prints a sleek, industrial look.

ChromaLuxe metal prints use dye-sublimation to create high-definition images. The ink is fused onto the metal surface using heat and pressure. The metal print is coated with a multi-layer polymer finish resulting in a durable and vibrant piece of artwork. ChromaLuxe is the industry standard for professional photographers and artists when it comes to metal prints.

For a more detailed explanation of what metal prints are and how you can print photos on metal, read “The Ulitmate Guide to Printing On Metal”.