What’s the perfect way for your college student to show off his or her style? Direct to plexiglass printing or an “acrylic print” is perfect for ANY dorm room! Acrylic prints are not only super durable, but they provide a more modern photo mounting option. No more sticking posters on the wall with scotch tape! Plexiglass prints come complete with stainless steel mounting hardware, ready to hang with just four screws. Give your Grad a gift to remember, cherish and remind him of home! Give your new Grad the gift of memory with an acrylic print!

Best of all, your college student will undoubtedly make more memories to add to the wall. So why not take advantage of professional printing and show off the best moments in a stunning acrylic print?

At ArtisanHD, our passion is to bring the best photo mounting options and styles to everyone with unparalleled quality, value and customer service. These high-end, gallery looks are no longer reserved for shops and galleries. You can take them home or show them off in a dorm room!

What is Direct Digital Printing with UV cured ink?

Direct to Acrylic PrintTrying to choose how to display your new graduate’s photo or artwork can be a matter of aesthetics or durability or both. Direct to Acrylic (Plexiglass) imaging can not only turn your amazing photography into memorable wall art, they are also durable and incredibly vibrant.  UV Cured Ink on Acrylic maximizes your photo’s depth, creating a dramatic look that’s both vivid and modern.  And with the polished metal standoffs, your image is framed and supported making it look like it’s floating in a sheet of glass. Simply stunning! Plus, unlike paper or canvas printing, an acrylic print is also impervious to moisture and spills. Because we know that happens in college. A lot.

What is an Acrylic Print and what is the difference between Acrylic Print vs. Plexiglass Print?

So what is an acrylic print exactly?  The short answer: acrylic is a glass-like material that is completely colorless with excellent optical properties perfect for protecting artwork; plexiglass is just a type or brand of acrylic. What is commonly known as “Plexiglass”, is really a brand of acrylic. Over the years, Plexiglas® has been developed to cover a wide range of application areas and it is sold under many different names, including Acrylite, Lucite and Perspex.

You can print direct to the plexiglass, or use HD photographic paper mounted to acrylic to produce a print. There are differences though – Click here to find out the difference between a photo print mounted to acrylic vs. a direct digital print on acrylic.

One last helpful tip, when choosing a mounted print, different types of papers are available and they lend different effects to the final print.

A direct to acrylic print is a simple yet modern and stunning way for your student to express his or her style. And with the easy to mount standoffs and discount, the look is easy to achieve while being kind to your wallet. Get started today to create a truly unique living space that will create memories to last a lifetime!