Many traditional artists can relate to the pain of drawing a sphere by hand. Fortunately for all of our digital artists and budding graphic designers, you’ll be glad to know that recreating this technique in Photoshop is a simple and fun process that you’ll be able to master the first time you try.  Additionally, making a sphere can help you learn how to use other valuable Photoshop tips and tools.

Introductory Photoshop Tips

It’s a good introductory project, and a way to sharpen your Photoshop skills.  Here are some quick Photoshop tips on how to make half spheres in Photoshop courtesy of one of our For Sale Gallery artists, Kerry Randolph. The steps are typed out below and you can also click on the image below for a larger version of the tutorial. Thanks, Kerry!

Step by step Photoshop tips on making a half-sphere

Step by Step Photoshop Half Sphere Tutorial:

1. Make a Sphere

2. Duplicate Layer

3. Make an oval and Fill

4. Select it and Inverse

5. Delete upper half

6. Select inverse again and make a copy of the original sphere and put a motion blur on it to give it a cut in half look.

7. Select soft airbrush at 40% and fill in the bottom area of the oval.

8. Tilt as you wish.

Expand Your Photoshop Skills with the Best

Are you a photo-enthusiast looking to expand your Photoshop skills?  This year we attended the Photoshop World Conference and had the opportunity to attend classes by some of the most cutting-edge professionals in the industry.  As luck would have it, one of Guru Award Winners, Jeff Dannay of Sweet Light Photos, lives here in Scottsdale.  Thankfully we had an opportunity to meet up again, back here in Arizona, to discuss all the amazing Print / Output opportunities for his award-winning image! Read all about it, HERE!

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