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Photoshop classes for photographers

Scott Condray of Visualville teaches Photoshop classes specifically designed for photographers. Since Photoshop is such a complex software, many new users become overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Scott focuses on the tools that are specific to image editing. He keeps his class sizes small to ensure that every student fully grasps each [...]

A wealth of digital photography tutorials

I quite literally Stumbled Upon this website today. Sean T. McHugh on his site, Cambridge in Colour, posts a quite and extensive and comprehensive list of digital photography tutorials. He covers topics from understanding your camera, to Photoshop techniques, to how we perceive color, and many more. Lots of technical data, but written in a [...]

MacBook Air

The much awaited and highly anticipated announcements from the opening of the Macworld Expo have flooded the internet today. One very cool new product they have launched is an ultra thin laptop. The new 3 pound MacBook Air will start shipping in 2 weeks. To get an idea of the size check out this video [...]

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