Local Phoenix writer Joey Robert Parks posed the question ‘What would happen if you asked 26 of the best photographers and writers to capture the essence of a single city block?’. The endeavor to answer this question is the creation of the 26 Blocks project. The project pairs 52 local writers and photographers given the task to focus on a selected city block in downtown Phoenix. Continuing with the theme of building blocks, since there are 26 letters in the alphabet, there are 26 city blocks selected for the project. The blocks were chosen completely at random, and the writers and photographers paired together were organized alphabetically, to ensure no bias or predisposition to their assigned area.

This week each pair’s city block was revealed. The artists are encouraged to learn more about the history and vibe of that block, and out of what they discover to express their perspective through one key image and/or story. The conclusion of the project will debut at the After Hours Gallery on May 7th, then go on a 6-month tour.

A very interesting concept that collaborates a group of talented creative people and immerses them in their community. Everyone here is excited to see the results. Artisan Colour is happy to play a part in this unique project by printing the photographic images for the show. To keep up with 26 Blocks, you can check out their Twitter or Facebook pages, or their newly launched website. We will also post more here as the project progresses.