One of our very favorite clients, Christine Taft continues to bring beauty to the world by agreeing to be a contributing artist to the website Fine Art On Demand.

Fine Art On Demand is a community-based, internet art market bringing fine art to the world while supporting local schools, non-profits, and charities. The company manufactures customized fine art content consumer products such as greeting cards, calendars, art books, poster art, and calling cards “on demand”.
According to Christine, “the program is centered around a customized internet booth in which supporters of your organization buy items they would normally purchase in places such as grocery stores, pharmacies or gift shops. New, value-added products are being conceived all the time which is proving to be very popular and will definitely add substantially to your charities funding”. The biggest takeaway we get from Christine is that not only will the artist get much-needed exposure and sales but they will be supporting local schools, non-profits, and other charities as well.
So, if you are an artist looking for sales to the corporate, fine art-based, marketing and promotional markets then consider joining talented people like Christine Taft on an exciting fundraising adventure with the good folks at Fine-Art-On-Demand.