With the announcement today from Canon adding three new models in their PowerShot A range series, it makes getting big prints from an affordable point and shoot camera more accessible to consumers. Canon has these models set to be released in February. They have not released pricing yet for these models, but their previous A series cost less than $150. Files taken in the highest setting on the A550 model will be able to print on the LightJet up to a 20×30 with no file deterioration.

Slotting in at the entry-level, the PowerShot A450 and A460 replace the previous A420 and A430. Both sport 5.0 megapixel sensors and 3.2x / 4x zooms respectively. The A550 meanwhile enters the mid-range to supersede the A530, and offers a little more both in terms of features and control as well as increasing the pixel count to 7.1 million.
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