When the University of California, Irvine needed to spruce up their Student Center, while spreading a sustainability message, they turned to Chicago artist Alisa Singer. And when Alisa wanted extra-large printing for her artwork, she turned to ArtisanHD!

Custom Canvas on Campus

Artist Alisa Singer likes to take on relevant perspectives when creating her artwork. This is actually what originally attracted the University of California, Irvine to her aesthetic in the first place. A few years ago she was contacted by the university to assist in a new dorm project. They wanted a sustainability focus and her art was “on message,” both stunning to stare at and educational.

UCI ended up ordering 18 of Alisa’s art pieces that were spread through three dorm towers – one on each floor. This caught the eye of others on campus and put Alisa top of mind for the public art project in the Student Center.

For the project, UCI ordered and installed 10 hand-stretched canvas pieces from Alisa’s renowned Environmental Graphiti series. Not your standard 24” x 36” prints, either. Each and every piece is a custom size, from 68” x 34”, to 120” x 54”. Quick conversion: that’s 10 feet long!

Extra Large Printing Makes a Statement

More than just art, Alisa’s pieces help communicate the science of climate change. This is an important and unique way to tell the story, facilitating student engagement in the underlying scientific message. And then printing the pieces in an extra-large format makes for an even more powerful presentation.

“In this case, Artisan’s extra-large format print capabilities provided a unique opportunity to display the art much larger than ever produced before,” said Alisa. “It was well beyond the capabilities of our usual printers. We were thrilled with the result.”

Of course, extra-large artwork requires a bit more planning to install. In the case of UCI, it took several sets of hands, levels, and even a lift. But the client could not be happier with the result.

Description cards for extra large printing canvas' by Alisa Singer for UCI“Nothing beats seeing them in real life. They look magnificent.” -Brian Petyo, Marketing Manager at UCI

In fact, UCI is so enamored with the artwork that they plan to renovate the lighting in the building to help showcase the pieces even more. They also placed plaques with the art to credit Alisa and give further insight into the design.

The Art of Climate Change

The 10 pieces chosen by UCI are part of Alisa’s Environmental Graphiti – the Art of Climate Change series. She has designed each piece from a graph, chart, map, number, or word based on a key climate change fact. More than 65 paintings make up the series, although it continues to evolve.

XL Canvas PrintUCI is not the only institution to take notice. The Environmental Graphiti collection has been internationally exhibited at universities, galleries, conferences, and other venues. Specifically, the art is held by over 30 universities (some of which have large collections), a science museum in Toronto, and private homes.

Alisa has also created a series to help combat hatred and bigotry, and one to document her own chemotherapy journey as she battled breast cancer. To see more of her artwork, please visit https://www.alisasingerart.com/.

This exhibition at UCI is an excellent example of how artwork can be both an intrinsic décor element and an educational experience. Plus, extra-large printing helps bring that home even more. Start making your own message and design your custom canvas print today!

We are still printing and shipping during the COVID-19 pandemic. We always take precautions to keep both the Artisans and our customers safe and healthy.