Andrew Shoemaker is the latest master nature photographer to become an ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador. To bring life to his masterworks, Andrew relies on ArtisanHD and our comprehensive line of innovative products to deliver the “Wow” factor, including TruLife Acrylic Face Mounts.

How Andrew Transports Viewers to New Lands

Andrew Shoemaker with camera

Nature Photographer and ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador Andrew Shoemaker

A renowned fine art, nature photographer based in Maui, Hawaii, Andrew Shoemaker transformed his love of hiking, skiing, and the blissful paradise of the Hawaiian Islands into a thriving business and a way to connect with others through his art.   

I believe an image has the power to take your breath away, the power to heal, and even make you cry.– Andrew Shoemaker 

While on a trip to Kauai, Andrew was inspired to push his photography further and share the jaw-dropping natural beauty and epic landscapes by creating art that brings the viewer into the scene. “My hope is through these images, we can connect on a higher level and truly share how beautiful this world is with one another, he says.  

In 2012, after years of being a serious hobbyist, Andrew became a professional nature photographer with a larger purpose.  He opened the Andrew Shoemaker Fine Art Photography gallery in 2018 in Lahaina, Maui.  

Two years ago, I was able to make that jump and do this full time and it’s been a dream come true,” he said. “Through the journey, it made me realize that it’s what I’m supposed to do – creating photographic art has become an obsession.”  

The Viewer as Participant 

While not everyone has the luxury of living in paradise, Andrew was drawn to Hawaii after his first visit and the lush, tropical landscape and diverse seascape have become his primary subjects – as well as his home. “I spend days, sometimes months waiting for the perfect conditions,” he said. “I create landscapes, seascapes, underwater, aerial images from helicopters, and even swim with whales to get the shot.” 

His up-close, immersive style amplifies colors, composition, and the harmony of nature, inviting the viewer to become part of the scenery so they step out of their everyday existence into a new, glorious journey.   

It’s hard to explain but once you see the world through the eyes of a photographer, it’s like an alternate reality exists that you didn’t know was there because you weren’t looking for it. I think people will have a greater appreciation for the world around them by taking a journey through the images and hopefully it causes positive change. 

In the Artist’s Own Words…

We spent some time with Andrew to get to know him and his art. Here are select questions and the answers from our master nature photographer:

When is your favorite time to shoot?

All times of the day really!  Sunrise and sunset are always great due to the soft and dramatic light but I also enjoy shooting daytime scenes and photographing the milky way and stars at night.

Nature Photographer andrew shoemaker whale photo


Do you have a favorite subject? Mountains? The sea? Floral? Wildlife? Why?

I guess I would say my favorite subject would be Hawaii. You kind of have it all here, mountains, seascapes, oceans, beaches, wildlife.  That being said, I love photographing just about any place I visit and always find myself inspired.

Was there ever a time when you were surprised & excited by how a photo turned out? Describe it.

One that comes to mind was probably the very first time I remember photographing the Milky Way.  You can barely see it with your eyes but then when it pops up on the back of your camera and you’re just blown away with what you captured!

How did you get started selling prints? Online or in a gallery?

Originally I started online and then moved on to being a guest artist in another gallery.  Eventually, I was able to start my own gallery right here in Lahaina.

What are the characteristics of a quality photographic print?

Nature Photographer Andrew Shoemaker mountains panoramicI like a print to make a statement and have impact.  When you walk in the room, it should catch your eye, so I like using metallic photo papers that react well to light and give the effect that the image is backlit.  Sharpness is also a factor and it helps add to the 3-D feel of the print to make it feel just like you’re there.  TruLife Acrylic Face Mounts are my favorite overall method to display the art.

What prompted you to re-design your site?

Well, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time and then this pandemic happened and all businesses here have been closed so I’ve had over two months now to work on it.  I guess you have to look for that silver lining right?  Really I wanted a custom site that makes it easier and more straightforward to selling and displaying prints than my previous website.

Why focus on print sales?

Print sales are the number one thing we offer in the gallery so I wanted a better online option for collectors as well that maybe can’t come and visit all of the time and see things in person.

What advice would you give to other artists who want to create and sell quality prints?

That’s a tough one but I’d say invest in marketing yourself and your brand is more important than buying a camera with a gazillion megapixels.  It’s a very saturated market out there so try and do something to stand out from the crowd whether that be with your content or your brand.  As far as printing, find a good partner to work with that you trust.

His masterworks’ subjects and photo prints include: 

Nature Photographer Masterworks & Photo Prints 

Andrew believes photographs capture a specific moment in time. To ensure his works vibrantly display the beauty of every moment, Andrew partners with Artisan HDtheir knowledge and experience of archival prints ensure there’s a great outcome every time.  

When TruLife acrylic was added to their lineup a few years ago, ArtisanHD offered to print me a sample 48-inch print to check it out,” he said. “I partner with Artisan because there’s a lot of acrylic print options out there, but their customer service, prices, and ability to do custom projects make them a great fit. The turnaround time has also been very good, and customers are getting their art fast.” 

ArtisanAmbassador LOGO FINALArtisan HD offers a wide range of print products to elevate your masterpiece. Visit Nature Photographer Andrew Shoemaker’s website to learn more about his masterworks and quality photo prints. 

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