Photoshop classes for photographers

Scott Condray of Visualville teaches Photoshop classes specifically designed for photographers. Since Photoshop is such a complex software, many new users become overwhelmed and do not know where to begin. Scott focuses on the tools that are specific to image editing. He keeps his class sizes small to ensure that every student fully grasps each session. Past students have told me they learned a great deal from Scott’s instruction.

Scott has a 5 week course starting next Tuesday night, with spots still available. You can go to the Visualville’s website for more information on how you can attend.

Our classes are designed for photographers, but are not limited to photographers. They are open to all who need to learn how to incorporate the power of this amazing software into their creative process.

  • All of our classes are designed to meet the needs of photographers, both professional and amateur.
  • Each class is designed to introduce students to key features of the program that can benefit both their creativity and productivity.
  • Students learn at their own Visualville computer . In person instruction is supported by a class workbook of step by step exercises, and real world example images.

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