Print Movement LogoWe have a question for you. How many images are stored on your phone and your digital camera at this very moment? What would happen to them if your memory card stops working? What if your phone dies, and all of your images were lost forever? We’d like to introduce you to something that’s very important to us – the Print Movement.

What’s this all about?


Consumers are taking more photos than ever before. And yet, they no longer print or display those photos in their homes. These images stay in digital form on computers and smartphones.


Technology is changing so fast that many photographs taken only 5-6 years ago are stored on devices that are no longer supported. Sadly, this means that many of the memories captured today won’t be around tomorrow!

Basically, this movement is to encourage everyone to take those digital images and turn them into beautiful photo prints to display on the wall.

Who’s in support of this?

Led by the Professional Photographers of America, lots of photographic industry partners have joined in. To see a full list, check out the Who’s Behind It? section of the Print Movement website.

Rangefinder Magazine’s latest issue, The Power of Print, goes into depth about their connection to the Print Movement.

“As an organization, WPPI is committed to continuing to champion the importance of printed photographs. We are not just photographers—we are historians who capture moments preserved in print for future generations…

If you’ve ever attended WPPI and walked through the gallery of prints that received an award during the print competition, you will know what an inspiring experience it is to see hundreds of incredible prints all lined up and beautifully displayed; it’s certainly more impactful and meaningful than viewing them on a small phone screen or on your computer. The colors, textures and storytelling all come alive on the printed piece.”

Our favorite section begins on Page 38, with several award-winning photographers and a master printmaker discussing paper choice. To read more about our photo paper types and print suggestions, read How to Choose the Best Photo Paper for Your Image on the ArtisanHD blog.

How can I be a part of the Print Movement?

If you’re a photographer or photographic printer, you can join the Print Movement here.

For more reasons to print your photography, read this Photofocus article featuring one of our prints, mounted under TruLife Acrylic.

If you’re just someone who loves photos, what can you do to preserve your favorite memories? Print them, of course! We make it easy at ArtisanHD, with a quick 3-step process to get prints delivered to your door. Don’t wait, try it today!