Mr LynchChristopher M Lynch believes that self-expression is the cornerstone of his life. An award-winning photographer, innovative cinematographer, commercial director, and master of reinvention in New York City, his subjects run the gamut from rock stars, local performers, global brands, iconic landmarks, roads untraveled, and expressions of the human condition that expand our understanding of life.

Also known by the moniker “MISTER LYNCH,” this creator isn’t limited to one art form; he practices photography, film, video, stop-action video and actively seeks different avenues to channel his artistry.

At first glance, it is no surprise that he aims to touch people through the stark beauty of the human form, urban chaos, and natural wonders. His artistic goal is to leave meaningful impressions.

“My artistic goal both in still and live-action is to present a visual experience that the viewer might never have the opportunity to see, experience, or imagine,” he says. “I want to expand the viewers’ mind, allowing them to imagine their world in a different way.”
Let’s get to know more about the artist known as MISTER LYNCH.

christopher lynch JerryGarcia

Early Inspirations

The artist first emerged in an Ellsworth, Maine kindergarten class. His early career journey was derailed when the art program was eliminated due to budget. Thanks to a community of committed local artists and volunteers, MISTER LYNCH was able to dabble, draw, and explore, honing his creativity, love of art, and self-expression.

His life-long affair with his true love officially began in a high school janitor’s closet that he’d upgraded to a dark room to develop his photos, effectively setting the course of his career.
By the time he was in college, MISTER LYNCH was working as a rock photographer, shooting and hanging out with acts like REM, David Bowie, The Grateful Dead, and Henry Rollins.

christopher lynch David Bowie

“One of my early motivations in life was to have experiences not many had the opportunity to. My time photographing some of the world’s biggest musicians fell into this category, and propelled me to continue my career.”
This David Bowie image was recently printed by Artisan HD (60×80 Print) and has been installed in the winter house of one of the worlds leading crypto investors

Advertising Trailblazer – Christopher M Lynch

Shortly before graduation, MISTER LYNCH was tapped by Young & Rubicam (Y&R), the world’s largest full-service advertising agency to head up one of the first digital photo studios, where he worked with top global brands.

“I was an early adopter of digital, so early that I was shooting with the 3rd Phase One Camera in the US. Digital. It was so new it was misunderstood,” MISTER LYNCH explains, “It was an uphill battle to get many art directors to trust the medium. They just assumed it was NOT photography it was manipulation and only a way to create fake visuals. This defined my desire to do everything I could IN-CAMERA – and to not rely on digital manipulation.”

He collaborated with clients like CitiBank and the Bronx Zoo to create distinctive ads that marry a brand’s unique voice with his inimitable playful and passionate style.

“Doing it successfully proved the medium and converted many art directors to embrace digital,” he explains. “Still to this day, I aim to do everything I can in-camera. This way, if you come on to the set, or were a character in the photo, you experienced the energy of the environment and experience of being right in it, and not on a green screen.”

The Chamber Dance photograph with the taxi, was recently printed by Artisan HD (60×90 print) to be used as the centerpiece of a restaurant soon to be opened by Chef Panier, who was the chef for the New York Yankees.

In 2002, he left Y&R and founded his first studio in SoHo. Since those early days on his own, he continues to work with leading brands such as Phase One, Sony, HIVE, and X-Rite and shooting for Nickelodeon, Budweiser, Samsung, and Andy Warhol’s Superstars.

Photographic Expression

Today, MISTER LYNCH’s studio is in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, with production space for still photography and live-action cinematography, and an office and editing studio nearby.

Like his early mentors in Ellsworth, MISTER LYNCH believes in giving back to his community. In 2014, he was the Artist in Residence at the Museum of Arts and Design, conducting multigenerational art workshops and engaging with emerging artists while sharing professional development knowledge.

Finding inspiration crops up at an off-the-path music venue, on the rocky trails to Mount Everest, to the beautiful madness of New York City.

“I thrive on being in unique experiences that involve unique people, many of my portrait series are of the outliers of societal norms.”

Quality Lingers with Christopher M Lynch

To create the images that dance from a static surface the qualities of sharpness, contrast, and precision must be part of the creative process. MISTER LYNCH relies on the print services of ArtisanHD. The end-to-end quality control process ensures that his photographic art has the impact that he intends.

“I started to work with ArtisanHD because I was made aware of their attention to quality. I continue to work with Artisan because of their personalized service,” MISTER LYNCH exclaims. “ANYONE who I deal with, from my personal rep to the shipping department, each person has been very attentive, knowledgeable, and expresses care for the project, whether big or small.”

To learn more about photographic expressions that linger, visit or the Museum of Arts and Design in New York City.

christopher lynch new york

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