If you’ve dreamt about creating jaw-dropping photos that immerse a space in dazzling color and imagery, then continue reading. New ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador and award-winning National Geography nature photographer, Danny Sepkowski shares his expertise to help other artists create nature photos that they can transform into panoramic art on XL printing.  

About Danny 

Danny with ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador LogoBorn in Tacoma, Washington, Danny, and his family moved to Hawaii when he was a young child where he discovered several passions. He was first drawn to music, then to the lure of the ocean’s power as a surfer, and finally to the life of a nature photographer.  

“I was intrigued by artists, and that’s what led me to photography – and the fact there was a film camera in my parent’s closet,” Danny said. 

Although he yearned to be an artist, he followed his parents’ advice to plan for a traditional career by getting an education before jumping into the artistic life. He earned a Master’s degree in Education Administration at the University of Hawaii. As a graduation gift, Danny’s father, a veteran, presented him with an expensive camera lens.


Danny in action taking a photo of a wave. Photo courtesy of Jeff Cantrell.


Danny apprenticed for a locally known photographer and began shooting weddings, but the waves and sea life were too captivating, and he transformed into a nature photographer. In a few short years, his immersive ocean photos were published in impressive publications like National Geographic, Smithsonian, and Canon magazine.    

A current creative passion is capturing the power of waves and sea life. Danny often immerses himself into his subjects’ worlds to provide a uniquely genuine perspective.  

His prints have become in-demand and his photographs have found their way to walls in private homes and businesses. Danny recently sold a 6-foot by 20-foot photographic piece printed on high-definition paper that was installed in a private home in the United States. 

XL Printing Danny Sepkowski Waves Lit up at night web

Sharing his craft 

While he always felt that his photography was about sharing the beauty of God’s earth with others, he also wanted to offer a leg-up to photographers who are just starting.  

“I was raised in the church,” he explained. “My goal is to share helpful information and allow photographers to have fun. But instead of sharing my style tips, I tell them to develop their own style.”  

Find Your Style 

Danny’s top advice for up-and-comers is to be yourself and create a style all your own. He further recommends trying different lenses and equipment, emphasizing that not every shot you take will be a winner. But shooting in creative ways could help you uncover gems that no one else will be able to create.  

Shoot with different lenses and even different cameras! I believe that doing this will open up your creative outlet in a different way.” – Danny Sepkowski 

XL Printing Danny Sepkowski -Revival

Taking a Panoramic Picture 

“A large image requires a camera that can take a high-resolution picture – don’t use an image taken with a smartphone,” Danny advises. It also requires stable, consistent images. Here’s how to take a wide (horizontal) panoramic photo:  

  • Steady the camera and images with a tripod, 
  • Put your camera in manual mode to shoot, 
  • Overlap the pictures by one-third, 
  • For taller dimensions, shoot vertically.  

Merging the individual images into a panoramic file requires software called Lightbox and Adobe Photoshop. If you’re not clear on how to merge the images, review the ArtisanHD “How to Create Panoramic Prints” article to get step-by-step instructions. The article also gives recommendations on how to print panoramic prints.  


Photo courtesy of Chris Kincade.

XL Printing Mediums 

Here’s a shortlist of mediums to use for your first panoramic art piece:  

  • Brushed metal is perfect to create a modern look and can create a bold, compelling image for black and white photographs. However, it’s limited to 4’X8’ size.  
  • Use Chromaluxe if you want to display vibrant colors, but it’s also limited to 4’X8’size.  
  • Acrylic will create a lustrous image that’s 5’X10’ or smaller.  
  • Canvas is the most forgiving medium in both resolution and size, allowing you to create a print that’s up to 10-foot tall and 150-foot long.  

Fortunately, when you work with ArtisanHD and need XL printing, you can send the file you create to the order page, and you’re one step closer to your panoramic masterpiece.  

Reliable Quality Control on XL Printing 

After using local printers for years to create his prints, Danny was faced with a dilemma when he had a large client who was very particular about quality control and wanted assurances that the photograph’s resolution would be perfect, the image would transfer seamlessly to the medium, and it would be packaged and shipped so it would arrive in flawless condition.  

“Thank goodness for Mike (Goldner) at ArtisanHD,” Danny exclaimed. “That guy saved the sale by reassuring the buyer at every step of the process.”  

When sending a file to ArtisanHD, the quality-control process starts when the file is received. 

They make additional preparations to the file before it’s printed. If there’s an issue with the print, they will reach out to have it corrected. 

Once a print is made there’s another visual inspection by one of the artisan printmakers. Then the team applies a quality control check at every step of the process – finishing, mounting, cutting, and trimming.  

Then it’s carefully packaged and inspected before it’s shipped.  

Final Thoughts 

You are the only one who can create the masterpieces that reside in your heart and soul – Danny suggests experimenting with a different camera, lenses, and creative processes. “Find the thing that works for you,” he says.  

But when you decide on an image that you want to transform into immersive art on XL printing, follow known processes. One of his best recommendations is to use a commercial printer that knows what they’re doing, follows quality processes, and stands behind their work, like ArtisanHD. Contact us today to start printing your photos!

Check out more of Danny Sepkowski‘s work here.