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Show your creativity with an entirely custom order. From XL canvas to specially-mounted acrylic prints, we can help make your vision a reality. Some past custom orders include:

  • XL prints up to 10′ high
  • Specialized mounting designs or materials
  • Custom wallpaper or wall wraps
  • Duratrans/backlit transparent film Lightbox prints
  • Router-cut Dibond® brushed metal prints
“Artisan Colour is the most creative, talented and friendly place to print and mind meld.  I have been satisfied with every experience I have had with them.  Front end to delivery topnotch.  So glad I was directed to them.”
Adrienne M.
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We Love a Good Challenge.

To better serve our valued clients, we have created a custom order department to fulfill unique printing needs. We currently offer many customizable printing services, available throughout the United States.

Whether you are an independent artist with a vision, an architect needing to print specific materials, or a corporate client looking for quality graphics or signage, our dedicated professionals are here to help. Some of our more popular custom order items are XL prints, custom wallpaper or wall wraps, and specialized mounting designs. View the photo gallery for a few samples of our work.

To find out more about our custom services and products, please upload your artwork and tell us what you have in mind in the form below. Someone from our Custom Order department will be in touch as soon as possible.

Have a custom order in mind?

Step 1: Simply fill out the form below!

And, our skilled Artisans will promptly connect with you to guide you through the seamless process of finalizing your order.

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    Max. file size: 50 MB.
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    Step 2: Collaborate with our knowledgeable experts to select the perfect print substrate.

    They will provide personalized guidance to ensure your artwork is beautifully showcased on a substrate that complements its unique characteristics.

    You have several options for what to print your artwork on:

    • Chromaluxe or Dibond Metal Prints
    • Acrylic or Plexiglass Prints
    • Custom Canvas Prints
    • Vinyl Banners & Poster Prints
    • Photopaper Prints
    • Watercolor Prints
    • Sintra Board Prints
    • Backlit Prints

    Each of these options has its own advantages or reasons they are right for you. When choosing a medium for your art you’ll want to consider things like:

    • Where the art will be hung – some mediums will do better when kept indoors while others can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. Canvas and photopapers will typically do better inside while metal and acrylic prints can be used indoors or outdoors.
    • Commercial applications – if art will be used for a commercial application, like at an office or place of business, certain types of prints may be preferred because they are easier to clean or have minimal upkeep. For example, metal prints are preferred in medical settings because they are non-porous and easy to clean.
    • Personal preference – when you want your art to look and feel a certain way, the medium you select can make all the difference. Canvas prints or framed photo prints are popular options for photographers and artists because they are preferred by their customers and give your art the look you’re aiming for.

    Step 3: Determine the ideal sizing for your custom print.

    Our expert Artisans will assist you in choosing dimensions that enhance the visual impact of your artwork, creating a stunning and personalized piece that exceeds your expectations.

    Custom sizing is available on custom prints up to 10′ x 10′. Applications like wallpapers or extralarge sizes are best done on canvas prints or on special photopapers while all the mediums can have custom sizing specified in the ordering process.

    • Smallest prints are 1 sqft.
    • Largest prints are 10′ x 10′
    • Most mediums can accommodate any size requested

    On top of the size of the art print, you can also choose custom shapes beyond square or rectangle including:

    • Circular
    • Oval
    • Heart-shaped
    • Diamond-shaped

    Not sure what medium, size, or shape is right for you? Let us know what you want to create and we can help you decide.

    Step 4: Print & Deliver

    Once you’ve uploaded and fine-tuned your artwork with our expert guidance, your order will transition to the printing phase. Sit back and relax as we bring your vision to life, with the final masterpiece delivered straight to your doorstep.

    Examples of ArtisanHD Custom Printing Services

    Custom Mounts

    Custom Printing Services Mounting

    Special Materials

    automobile printed direct to acrylic plexiglass mounted diamond plate metal

    Custom Cuts

    Dibond router cut Custom Printing Services

    XL Prints

    Large Format Canvas


    Retail Wall Wraps Grand Canyon University Arena Team Shop

    Backlit Prints

    Duratrans Aspens

    Have questions about our custom printing services?

    Check out our helpful FAQs in the tab above, call us directly at 1 (877) 948-0009, or email us at


    How To Order Customized Artwork With Preset Print Recipes2024-06-14T10:06:39-07:00

    Yes, ArtisanHD has preset “recipes” of tried and true combinations of photo papers, finishes, mounting and framed options. Choose between three options ranging from simple to professional-grade.

    Get more details on How To Order Customized Artwork With Preset Print Recipes in our FAQs.

    I want to print big – how big should I go?2024-06-05T08:37:47-07:00

    Our most popular sizes for extra large wall pictures are 30″x40″ and 40″x60″ but we can print much smaller or larger upon request. The rule of thumb in interior design is for a print to take up between 25% to 50% of blank wall space, however, as with all things related to design and taste, this isn’t an absolute and is up to your own taste.

    Get more details on I want to print big – how big should I go? in our FAQs.

    What’s The Difference Between Vinyl Wallpaper and Traditional Wallpaper?2023-10-13T10:46:04-07:00

    ArtisanHD offers custom self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper and traditional wallpaper. Create a larger-than-life design, mural, or business branding.

    Get more details on What’s The Difference Between Vinyl Wallpaper and Traditional Wallpaper? in our FAQs.

    How do I select the finish on my custom photo canvas prints?2023-06-23T11:21:57-07:00

    Custom photo canvas prints can be finished in a few ways. Select either a deep wood frame or stretch bar or enhance it with a gallery wrap finish.

    Get more details on How do I select the finish on my custom photo canvas prints? in our FAQs.

    What’s The Difference Between Wallpaper, Wall Wraps or Wall Murals?2023-09-22T11:10:21-07:00

    Use digital technology to create custom vinyl wall wraps and custom photo murals from your favorite photographs on self-adhesive vinyl to create custom art.

    Get more details on What’s The Difference Between Wallpaper, Wall Wraps or Wall Murals? in our FAQs.

    What Defines A Custom Print As Large Format?2024-06-05T08:37:08-07:00

    Most printers consider anything over thirty-six inches as a “large format.” Large format prints are reprints of digital photographs, graphics, or art that need to be printed on specialty wide format printers.

    Get more details on What Defines A Custom Print As Large Format? in our FAQs.

    How Do High Definition Images Translate Into Large Format HD Prints?2024-06-05T08:41:07-07:00

    The best image file to used to blow-up an image is a flattened (no layers) TIF file that has Adobe RGB98 color matching and 600 DPI. That said, other common file types will work (JPG, PSD, PDF, etc.) with DPI between 150 and 300.

    Get more details on How Do High Definition Images Translate Into Large Format HD Prints? in our FAQs.

    Why Use Vinyl For Extra Large Format Signage?2024-06-05T08:41:32-07:00

    Vinyl is waterproof, fade resistant, versatile, and can be used indoor or outdoor, so compared to other large format mediums it provides the most value.

    Get more details on Why Use Vinyl For Extra Large Format Signage? in our FAQs.

    Do you outsource any part of the high-quality photo printing process?2023-10-20T11:28:18-07:00

    We do not outsource any part of our professional printing process. Our Artisans are experts in each area of digital design, color, printing and mounting.

    Get more details on Do you outsource any part of the high-quality photo printing process? in our FAQs.

    Why custom printing on acrylic?2023-11-17T10:46:18-07:00

    Custom printing on acrylic creates a glossy finish that enhances the contemporary look while bringing out depth and clarity in your photos.

    Get more details on Why custom printing on acrylic? in our FAQs.

    Can a customer get anything printed? Are there any restrictions the image printed?2024-03-27T11:13:21-07:00

    At ArtisanHD, we take pride in creating high-quality prints for our customers regardless of the content printed. However, we do have some restrictions on the content of images we reproduce. While it is exceedingly rare, we reserve the right to decline any print job for the following reasons:

    • Legality: We cannot print anything that violates copyright laws or depicts illegal activity.
    • Sensitivity: We avoid reproducing images that are overly sexual (no pornography), violent (no explicit gore), or exploitative towards children (no questionable images).
    • Respecting Artistic Expression: We understand that art can sometimes push boundaries.

    If you have an image you’d like printed that might fall into a gray area, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss it. We’ll work with you to find a solution that respects both your artistic vision and our printing policies.

    Our goal is to provide a comfortable and inclusive environment for all our employees and customers, sometimes this means passing on a print job. We appreciate your understanding. For more information on our policies please visit our policy and terms.

    What if my print is damaged during shipping?2024-03-27T11:13:30-07:00

    Contact us ASAP and keep the box for the carrier’s claim. We’ll replace your print and keep you updated. Report defects or damage by email within 10 days of delivery to avoid waiving your claim. By accepting the print, you acknowledge ArtisanHD fulfilled all requirements.

    Can I cancel my order?2024-03-27T11:13:38-07:00

    Artisan HD begins work on your print the moment you submit your order so if you cancel withing 24hrs we can refund your money right away.

    What’s Artisan HD’s return policy?2024-03-27T11:13:46-07:00

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with your prints contact us within 10 days of receiving your order to return the item. We understand that getting the perfect print is important so our team works with you to either send you a reprint up to your standards or simply provide a refund. Though rare, there are instances in which refunds are not available:

    • Low image resolution: Always use the highest resolution image possible and understand resizing a small file won’t improve the quality.
    • User errors: Spelling, grammar or adding adhesives/hardware not designed for the print.
    • Exact monitor match: Color variations will always exist between a monitor and a print, while we can do exact color matching, that requires a custom order.

    Note: Artisan HD does pre-print quality checks on all prints and will contact you to address these issues before printing. For more information on our return policy, please read our policy and terms. We always strive to go above and beyond to meet your expectations – just ask our customers!

    Can I see a print proof before I order?2024-03-27T11:13:53-07:00

    For most print orders, we do not provide print proofs. However, if you need to see color proofs before you purchase, please email us for custom order pricing and instructions.

    How long does standard art print delivery take?2024-03-27T11:14:02-07:00

    At ArtisanHD, we prioritize delivering high-quality prints to you as quickly as possible. Our standard turnaround time is 10 business days, this allows for added quality control on each print, secure packaging, and shipping to your door. Turnaround times may vary slightly depending on the chosen substrate, we’ll keep you informed throughout the process and provide you with the fastest delivery while maintaining the quality possible. If you’re in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area, you can pick your print up from our office in North Scottsdale at 8970 E Bahia Dr #104, Scottsdale, AZ 85260.

    How fast can I get my art prints?2024-03-27T11:00:16-07:00

    Artisan HD offers expedited shipping options Priority Overnight and 2-Day delivery if you need your prints right away. For large rush orders or corporate art prints, please contact us directly to discuss logistics and the timing of delivery.

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    As the owner of a small startup company, I looked around The Valley and online for professional high quality printed products. Other solutions always seemed to come with a tradeoff: poor customer service, product size constraints, high pricing and volume, or even bad finish quality. Working with Mike and his team I was able to produce the high quality unique products at competitive prices that I was looking for without compromise. Their knowledgeable customer service was phenomenal! We were even able to find solutions to some of the more complex printing and finishing requirements I needed. I’ll definitely be working with them again on future projects!
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Lee D.Lee D., The Art of Lee Davis
    I recently sold one of my Digital Art pieces and the team at ArtisanHD have the complete package really sorted out! They are a friendly, client orientated and totally professional team who happen to produce spectacular prints as well! Thanks guys for keeping everyone very happy!
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dale B.Dale B.
    Fantastic staff, fantastic facilities, second to none product quality output. I feel like you're my secret weapon.
    Beautiful print work and customer service of the highest order – you'll be so thrilled with how well you're treated, and how they'll go the extra mile to make sure you're happy and satisfied with the final result.
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Denise S.Denise S.
    It's rare I find a company today where the customer service, quality and pricing meet most every need I'm looking for. It's even rarer to find those companies where the staff are not only willing to meet those expectations, but surpass them. In a very stressful situation I created for myself, the staff at Artisan went out of their way to help me find a answer to my predicament. Their team worked with me to find a fast solution pulling me out of a situation I knew very few companies would go out of their way to solve. It's those actions I use to choose who I will send my next job. The service was awesome! The quality was awesome! Their staff was Awesome!
    Raegan S.
    Artisan Colour is the most creative, talented and friendly place to print and mind meld.  I have been satisfied with every experience I have had with them.  Front end to delivery topnotch.  So glad I was directed to them.
    Adrienne M.
    Simply the best. Great client services, great people, and great products.
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dan M.Dan M.
    When I inadvertently shipped a limited edition print to a customer before signing it, Artisan was quick to have it rerouted back to their facility to resolve my issue. When I then showed up during the holiday season –– right before New Year's Eve –– I was met by no less than the company's president, Doug Bondon, who was genuinely happy to assist me and get my order on its way in a matter of minutes. Folks, this is what topnotch, white glove service really looks like. Outstanding!
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