Sedona, Arizona is a magical place for site seeing, as well as a landscape photographers dream. So naturally, ArtisanHD client Stan Rose decided on this location as the perfect spot to open his new art gallery. His gallery consists mainly of TruLife© Acrylic photography prints on FujiFlex photo paper. This combo is most ideal for Stan’s vibrant, colorful landscape work. This particular anti-reflective acrylic mounting option virtually eliminates any unwanted glare, making for an overall better viewing experience.

“It took a few months to renovate the space, it was a lot of work! Sedona is known for being a place of great natural beauty where someone can come to heal or grow spiritually, and that’s what I wanted to accomplish with my art.” – Stan Rose 

NOW OPEN! Stan’s gallery is located at the Hillside Shopping Center, 671 Hwy 179, Building D Suite CT-2. It is directly below the Hudson Restaurant, one of the most highly rated restaurants in Sedona.

Meet The Artist: Stan Rose

acrylic photography stan rose gallery artisanhd

01. When did your interest in art & photography begin?

I began as a painter at a very early age – painting scenic pictures from calendar images that I liked. Later on, I studied fine art in college and expanded my work to more abstract subjects. My art remained just a hobby of mine as I went on to try a few different career paths. Such as a public defender in NY and a forecaster with the National Weather Service.

During this time, I did a lot of hiking and climbing and I carried a small film camera with me on all of my trips. I found myself enjoying the art of photographing all of these places, more than the actual physical experience. So, after I got my first DSLR in 2004 (the original Canon Digital Rebel) I immersed myself in learning digital photography and processing.

After one of my images placed in an International Photography contest (BANFF), I decided to seriously pursue this new focus on landscape photography

“I’ve explored various printing options and found that I really like using FujiFlex paper along with the TruLife© acrylic—it gives my images a glowing quality and clarity that is the best bet for me to achieve my goal—which is to bring the viewer into the scene, and make them feel like they are there with me taking the photo.”

– Stan Rose

02. What do you enjoy most about shooting Landscapes?

I love being outdoors, especially at times and places that most people don’t typically get to see. That tends to be when nature is at its most spectacular. No human artist can really compete with the aesthetic genius created by nature. That’s what I try to capture nature at it’s most brilliant moments. It inspires me, grounds me, and keeps me alive.

stan rose acrylic photography sedona gallery corner artisanhd

03. Do you have a favorite image of yours?

I don’t know if I could choose just one, but “Monsoonal Maverick” which is displayed in my gallery, is one of them. It’s a photo of a lone sunflower in the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, standing alone with dark stormy clouds looming in the background.

It speaks to me because of the metaphorical symbolism of the subject—the solitary resolution of the lone beautiful flower, triumphantly taking a stand in the midst of great adversity: the blowing sand, the lack of water, the lack of company, the harsh conditions. It says we all can triumph in our own way despite the odds.

04. Would you recommend ArtisanHD to other artists?

I researched Arizona printers after I moved here from Colorado because I wanted to stay reasonably local with my printing and mounting options. ArtisanHD seemed to be a good option and several of my local photographer friends had good experiences. I came down for a tour and was impressed by what I saw. You have exceeded my expectations in the quality of the prints.

The most common compliment I get from customers is that it feels like you can walk right into the prints—and that is exactly what I want to achieve with my photographs. To give people a feeling of presence. So, of course, I would recommend ArtisanHD to other artists!

HD Acrylic Photography Printing options with Artisan HD

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