To create the best possible photo print, you need true photographic paper. This thick, durable paper looks and feels very different from your printer paper at home. Our most popular photo paper is FujiFlex Crystal Archive, which is not actually paper! In fact, our photo paper is not printed but developed, just like film. Keep reading to learn more.

What Makes FujiFlex So Popular?

HD Photo Paper FujiFlex

FujiFlex is our top selling photo media for a reason. This is not your standard inkjet print! A polyester-based silver halide material creates stunning gallery-level color prints.

  • Photographs are exposed into the silver halide, then developed
  • High gloss finish adds unparalleled richness and depth
  • Impressive color range and integrity
  • Bright white point brings out true-to-life colors
  • Works best with darker images
  • Recommended for landscape and travel photography
  • Looks great as a professional gallery print

Chosen most often by our landscape and travel photographers, FujiFlex shows the full depth and color range of these images. Expect stunning results!

If you want to get super technical, visit Fujifilm’s info page about FujiFlex Crystal Archive.

Professional Prints with Photo Paper

Not sure you want to print on FujiFlex? Check out our other photo paper options. For retail displays or a unique look for your image, consider Duratrans backlit prints.

If you’re looking for something a little more, check out our acrylic photo mounting, or upgrade to non-glare TruLife