There are many products on the market inspired by Pantone’s color matching system. These items would make a color perfect addition to your home, as a fashion accessory, or gift for any designer or color fanatic.

Some are produced by Pantone themselves, like these birch veneer stools. The first twenty orders of their limited edition series will even be signed by Pantone founder Lawrence Herbert.

These eyeglasses come with a set of interchangeable color stems to suit your mood.

Pantone paints are available in over 3,000 colors, make picking colors to remodeling your house as reliable as flipping through a Pantone swatch book.

Other Pantone inspired products include these aluminum folding chairs designed by Selab for Seletti. They have padded seats and come in 672 C pastel pink, 186 C ruby red, 377 C macaw green, 14-0848 mimosa, 268 C royal purple and Cool Gray.

My Cuppa mugs come in tea and coffee styles that have Pantone chips inside the mug to represent different degrees of brew and cream levels. So making your perfect cup of joe is color coded.

If you want to find your own personal color you can check out Pantone’s Colorstrology and look up the Pantone color associated with your birthday. Then design your own Pantone product specific to your personality. We would, of course, be happy to help you print your color matched design.