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These days, everyone has the technology in their pocket to be an amateur photographer or artist. If you’ve been snapping great shots or creating beautiful art, consider options that let you print your artwork and make it a fixture in your home. Add some uniqueness to your decor and turn your home into a shrine of the things you love the most by displaying your printed artwork.

ArtisanHD offers a variety of printing options so that you can find something that works for your space. With a variety of mediums and display options, get even more creative printing your artwork than you were creating it. When you partner with ArtisanHD to print your artwork, discover new and inventive options for home decor.

Unique Ways to Print Your Artwork

Sean Hoyt Bran Ambassador Blog ROOM lake colchuck October sunset webA standard framed photo hung on the wall is what most people choose for their home. If you’re looking for something new and creative, consider displaying your images in custom shapes or capture images to create your own unique photo alphabet. With our ability to print direct to different substrates, there are countless ways to show your art off.

ArtisanHD’s print capabilities include metal prints, acrylic prints, HD photo papers, canvas prints and more. Depending on your style and the space you’re looking to decorate, each substrate offers unique features.

For instance, in areas where there may be dampness, opt for brilliant ChromaLuxe. Likewise, in areas where you’re going for a classic look, choosing HD photo paper to custom frame at a later date can bring vibrancy to your personal photo collection when you put it on display.

Shape It Up

Your printed artwork is more than the image content. Think about the unique factors for form, as well – like shapes.

Opt for cutout silhouettes like hearts, circles, leaves or stars. Depending on the materials chosen, ArtisanHD can shape your work for a stylish effect. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to create a striking focal point for any room.

We can print direct to plexiglass, brushed metal, or a sleek black plastic. The custom shape is easy to apply in Illustrator and cut out on our digital router. This is perfect for displaying above a couch, bed, or mantel.

Artistic Arrangement

Consider collage when looking for a visually intriguing way to display your printed artwork. Collages can be more than grouped photos. Create a custom, personalized art piece by grabbing your camera and taking alphabet photography. Pick the word you want to spell out and hit the streets looking for themes that will form your letters.

Look for silhouettes, letters on printed signs, shapes found in nature, and architecture. Compile the “letters” together and print out as one piece or print each letter separate to be hung in a variety of arrangements. You can even print onto tiles that can be installed into a backsplash!

Looking for inspiration? Check out this composite created by Janelle Bradshaw, which spells out her last name.

How to Print Your Artwork Online

Once you decide on the perfect medium to display your art or photos, ArtisanHD makes it simple to upload your work and design your print project. It’s best to work with an uncompressed .TIF file. If possible, 300 DPI renders the best results.

You can then take a look at your image in a “real-life” backdrop, like a living or bedroom, and design accordingly. Insert different substrate options and sizes to get the look you want before confirming your order. For more custom shapes and projects, reach out to ArtisanHD at 1.877.948.0009 or email

With a little imagination, these projects can make a one-of-a-kind accent for any room in your house or as a custom-made gift. Start creating with ArtisanHD.

Updated June 2021