Hanging some acrylic custom prints on your wall is a great way to present visual memories that will stand the test of time. This type of mounting offers prints that are vivid and almost three-dimensional, lightweight, and durable. From family portraits to large-scale landscapes, acrylic mounting helps bring wall art to life.

What are acrylic art prints?

Acrylic, the material, is a form of plexiglass (also known as the branded name Plexiglas). It’s lighter and more durable than traditional glass, making it the perfect material for creating stunning art prints when combined with HD photo paper. Use acrylic in your home, office, or anywhere to personalize your space.

How are photos mounted onto acrylic?

Mounting photos under acrylic is an art form in itself. The most common method is face mounting, a labor-intensive process that requires an experienced professional. This method is used for prints in art galleries and museums around the world.

Acrylic Prints
The face mounting process involves:

  1. Printing an image on archival-rated photo paper.
  2. Placing the image face down on a piece of acrylic, which we coat with a special adhesive.
  3. Sandwiching the photo between a piece of acrylic and an appropriate backing.

This type of mounting is done in a special environment to ensure that dust or tiny air bubbles do not distract from the finished work. Read more about Artisan’s face mounted acrylic prints.

Direct to acrylic prints are printed directly on an acrylic sheet. No paper is required, making this process quicker and slightly less technical.

How does acrylic compare to other mediums?

When comparing an acrylic print option with traditional photo paper, canvas, or metal prints you’re comparing two aspects, the picture quality and the mounting options.

Acrylic Prints vs. HD Photo-paper

HD photo paper is perfect for traditional framing options behind the glass but is not suited for other frames and mounts. Acrylic prints will have a similar level of quality to regular photo paper but can appear more vibrant as it’s mounted on plexiglass. They are both durable options with the deciding factor mostly being how you want to frame and mount the picture to the wall.

Acrylic Prints vs. Canvas

Canvas prints are a classic way to showcase art and can be framed or unframed (like acrylic prints), giving you some flexibility in choosing. Canvas’ textured surface looks great for many types of prints but does not offer the same vibrancy of a smooth photo paper mounted on acrylic. The HD photo paper used for acrylic prints is designed to amplify both color and the finest details and is seen as a superior option for photos.

Acrylic Prints vs. Metal

Similar to acrylic, metal prints are long-lasting and have a smooth surface that does well with finer detail. Most metal prints are mounted directly onto the wall without a frame, which is also a popular option for acrylic prints. Metal and acrylic have comparable looks to one another with some subtle differences. Metal has a more industrial look and can be made thinner, acrylic has different edging options and is naturally more vibrant.

Additional Options for Acrylic Custom Prints

Artisan offers only the highest quality acrylic products available for flawless display. Regular acrylic is available, or upgrade to non-glare TruLife acrylic.

Full acrylic encapsulation offers additional protection for your print. These prints are heavier and take more effort to mount on the wall. Usually reserved for gallery displays, ArtisanHD offers this finishing option for anyone looking for a professional, museum-quality print.

Encapsulated prints:

  • Ensure stability and durability
  • Make oversized and panorama formats possible (prevents warping)

To go with this option, choose:

  1. Photo paper.
  2. Regular or TruLife Acrylic.
  3. Backing material.

Our most popular encapsulation combination is FujiFlex paper on 1/8″ acrylic, backed with black Sintra, hung with a black or aluminum Museum Wall Mount. It’s also possible to hang some encapsulated prints with stainless steel standoffs. Check out your options for acrylic print encapsulation.

encapsulation layer on trulife acrylic image2 artisanhd

When Should You Choose Acrylic Printing?

Acrylic custom prints offer rich detail and durability for installation in high-traffic, humid, or bright areas. These prints are easy to clean and last a long time, so they are suited to any space!

Durable: When you want your print to last

This type of mounting lasts much longer than other mediums such as prints on canvas or photo paper behind glass in a traditional frame. In addition, these prints are resistant to light and humidity, able to withstand the elements for decades.

Color & Detail: When you want your print to look especially vibrant
acrylic custom prints face mounting

Acrylic mounting increases the contrast of images, emphasizing the lights and darks and adding more depth. This type of mounting also adds shine and smoothness to images.

The prints are frameless, meaning the focus is purely on the image itself with no distractions.

Presentation: When you want to add a modern look

Certain environments are especially suitable for acrylic prints. Modern homes are a great environment for vibrant statement pieces. Consider a family photo wall, wedding collage, or large cityscape to add personal touches to an overwhelming space.

Here’s how you too can get your own custom vibrant Acrylic Print, download your copy of the Amazing Acrylic Print Guide to get started.

What Can I Do to Customize My Print?

ChromaLuxe Metal Split Cluster Prints ArtisanHDWe’ve spent years making sure our customers are happy with the quality of their images. Not sure what will make your print file look its best? Our team is here to help!

Our Wall Art Gallery Clusters & Splits can be utilized to create entirely unique groups of photos or one image split into multiple different configurations. When creating your collage, try grouping together images with a similar editing style or look, which will ensure your collage comes together as one cohesive artwork.

Your cluster or split combination will be reviewed by a professional print artisan to ensure the best print quality possible. All hanging hardware is included, along with a hanging pattern for easy installation of your new, totally unique wall art gallery.

If you’re searching for something a little more challenging, check out our Custom Printing page. We’re able to do everything from XL prints to custom shapes.

Mount in a non-glare area or upgrade to TruLife Acrylic

custom print Emily Randolph: why choose acrylic custom printsThink of your photo installation space as a professional photo gallery. Galleries don’t usually have direct lighting, natural or artificial. If you install your print directly under harsh lights or across from a bright window, you won’t be able to see the print because of glare. Check out this post if you’re wondering about some ways to achieve gallery lighting for your prints.

However, sometimes glare is unavoidable. If you can’t install your print with ideal lighting or you don’t want to worry about glare, upgrade to non-glare TruLife Acrylic, specially developed to cut surface glare. See the difference here!

Get Your Acrylic Picture Today!

An acrylic custom print will stand the test of time and look great on your wall. Add the final touch of décor to your space with a visual memory to love and cherish over the years. Or, give the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or housewarming.

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