Duratrans in a new light

Boy, would I love to spend a week in this house. This house has been spread around the web and email to be Tiger Woods house. It isn’t. It is just a luxury rental in Maui. What caught my eye was their use of three large framed Duratrans displays for artwork at the top of the stairs. It shows the dynamic versatility of the material.

If you want to get some great ideas on what the Duratrans can be used for or you just want to dream of a luxurious island get-a-way check out this site: Maui Vacation Palace

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Mike Goldner of ArtisanHD
With a passion for Artisan Colour's high-quality color matching and digital print process, Mike Goldner provides expert client support services on a local and national level to Artisan Colour's online print service customers who order large format, high-definition prints online direct from ArtisanHD.com.

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  1. CLD February 17th, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Wow! That looks great. Duratrans signs have such a profound effect. They are clear and bright and really attract attention. That's neat how they used them as an alternative to traditional artwork.

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