Looking for a unique and fun way to dress up a blank space? Try this cute and creative custom letter art piece! The most common word choices for wall art include:

  • Names – First names, last names, and nicknames are a classic choice
  • Values – Concepts around family, love, and kindness are popular choices
  • Quotes – Short quotes made with pictures that add to the impact of the words

Spell out any word to fit the area that you are designing. Use your imagination in choosing a word or phrase and the possibilities are really endless.

This creative idea for your walls comes from DesignTalk. It displays a name (or word or phrase) in a unique and artistic way. Because “a picture is worth a thousand words,” let’s show you the example first:

Words in pictures for creative custom wall art

Letter Art Step 1: Choose The Word & Art Style

Whether you’re doing a name of some sort or a simple message, you’ll have to choose the exact number of letters and the styling you’re going for. Most name or letter art projects are less than 25 characters, but you can elect to go for longer words if you’d like.

A few things to consider with the art style associated with the letter art you’re making:

  • Length – Each letter will require it’s own unique photo
  • Upper or lower case – Decide if you’ll do all upper or lower case or a mixture
  • Complimentary photos – Choose an art style that’s relevant to the name or word

One of the best parts of this idea, other than being a simple DIY project, is that you can go in so many different directions. Some popular letter art ideas include:

  • Family name – For living rooms, kitchens, and entryways
  • First name – For children’s rooms or play areas
  • Nickname – For anyone with a beloved nickname
  • Room theme – For rooms with themed decor, such as “kick” for a room with soccer decor
  • Branding/team building – For offices and common spaces
  • Sports teams – For basements, dens, and game rooms
  • Inspiration – For the home office, home gym, and classroom

Letter Art Step 2: Find Your Alphabet Photography

Once you’ve selected your word(s), it’s time to pick your alphabet photography. The best and most impactful letter art uses alphabet photography that is relevant to the person or people the art is for. If you can, use your own pictures of shapes, objects, and letters around your home or town that form the letters in the word. Enlist your family members to help you find the shapes and letters you need. This is especially fun when you are creating a custom wall art name for a child – they’ll love to get in on the project and know that they helped to create it!

If you’re running low on inspiration and available shapes and letters, you can visit a photo site like iStockPhoto or Pinterest to search for photos in the colors or themes you’re looking for.

Letter Art Step 3: Professional Name Art Prints

Some examples of custom wall art letters

Now it’s time to print and put it all together. Use your favorite photo printer (we are assuming this means ArtisanHD) to order the custom prints in the sizes you’re looking for. For ample wall space, an easy arrangement would be to order 8×10 prints and hang them in coordinating frames. If your photographs are super colorful or chic black and white, metallic HD photo paper will really make the prints pop! Or get super creative and gallery-like and go with direct print to acrylic. The standoffs are so chic and cool, especially in an office, dining room, or media room.

Ready to turn your blank wall into a stunning piece of custom wall artwork? Gather your images and order your prints through ArtisanHD’s easy HD configurator and see your name up on the wall!