Direct digital printing to a board is a specialized high-tech printing process where an image is printed directly on a solid rigid medium like wood, acrylic, or metal (tin, steel, and aluminum), instead of on vinyl, photo paper, or canvas.

Why Use UV Curable Acrylic Ink For Direct To Board Prints?

Direct to Board prints produced by Artisan HD are made using our Océ 350 GT UV curable print process. This technology prints the ink onto the paper and then immediately cures it using a high-intensity UV light. This gives prints a thick, almost latex-type feel to them while also being smudge-proof and durable for years to come.

This unique process, printer, and ink type provide many advantages:

  • Good for indoor/outdoor use
  • Durable to the elements
  • Bold and bright colors
  • Can be used on multiple mediums
  • Doesn’t require lamination or extra finish

UV curable inks contain acrylic polymers called monomers and oligomers that when exposed to UV light harden and solidify by forming a polymer structure that provides vibrant colors and durability. These are organic chemicals that won’t require harsh solvents to set.

Is Acrylic Ink Good For The Environment?

In addition, the direct digital printing process using UV-curable inks is more environmentally friendly than many printing options. There are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) polluting the air while still producing superior display graphic results and taking care of our planet.

  • Water-based – Instead of a harmful organic solvent found in other inks, acrylic inks are water-based with lower levels of VOCs and toxicity.
  • Cleanup – When disposed of properly, acrylic inks are less harmful than traditional inks to the environment.
  • Reduced emissions – Lower emissions in production and use of water-based inks.

It should be noted that as with any product, even acrylic inks can have environmental impacts in their production and disposal. The exact environmental impact of a given ink depends on its formulation process and ingredients.