29th Jun 2018

Social Media Marketing for Digital Artists – Part 2

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What are the best ways to start social media marketing for digital artists? Read a few tips and tricks here.

22nd Jun 2018

Marketing Digital Art Online with ArtBoja and Online Portfolios – Part 1

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Here are some basic steps to help you increase art exposure by marketing digital art online. The best marketer for your art is YOU!

25th Jan 2018

More Than Just Printing: Custom Prints on Metal – Value-add!

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No request is too crazy for ArtisanHD's professional printing experts! Read testimonials about our impeccable customer service and unique printing requests!

14th Jul 2017

Metallic Heaven: Use Metallic Photo Paper to Make Your Portfolio Pop!

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Metallic photo paper is a great option for wall art,, but it can also make an artist's portfolio standout from the crowd to leave a lasting impression.

23rd Sep 2016

2016 Phoenix Networking Signature Event Recap

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This Phoenix Networking Signature Event was masterfully organized by the talented Gelie Akhenblit of Networking Phoenix and her staff. Studded with guest speakers, raffles and fun photo-events, the crowd was entertained all evening long while making valuable business connections.

1st Apr 2011

From paper prints to digital: Catalog Spree offers a new way to shop through iPad

2017-03-22T16:50:18-07:00April 1st, 2011|Categories: Advertising, Brand Marketing, Business Best Practices, Professional Printing, Retail Display and Point of Purchase Graphics, Technology|

Padopolis has developed an iPad app called Catalog Spree. The free download offers consumers a brand new way to shop multiple catalogs in one source, much like you would when visiting a traditional brick and mortar mall or flipping through paper prints. The app lets you view product information and order directly from each company's [...]

1st Jan 2011

How to price your prints for sale

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  Pricing your art can be tricky at best. Many of our customers struggle to find their place in the market, and not price themselves out of business before they even get started. Until you are an well known photographer with celebrity clientele, like Peter Lik, commanding and actually selling your work for a hefty [...]

1st Nov 2010

Seven simple rules to integrate your signage into your store environment

2018-06-22T14:11:44-07:00November 1st, 2010|Categories: Advertising, Brand Marketing, Business Best Practices, Retail Display and Point of Purchase Graphics, Signs|Tags: , |

With Black Friday upon us many people are poised to do some serious power shopping. The increased traffic is a perfect opportunity for retailers to use in-store signs to their advantage. Signware manufacture, Rose Displays, wrote some great tips on things to consider about your store environment before installing your next campaign. Some of them [...]

1st Oct 2010

Designing an Effective Sign

2017-12-26T16:04:58-07:00October 1st, 2010|Categories: Advertising, Business Best Practices, Design, Display Graphics, Marketing|

We love printing big graphics for customers here at Artisan Colour. We also want to make sure that the graphics we produce are effective. If the letters used for the text are too small, created with a font that is not readable, or a color that is hard to differentiate from the background, then the [...]

1st Sep 2010

Big brand colors on the web

2017-09-21T21:55:59-07:00September 1st, 2010|Categories: Brand Marketing, Business Best Practices, Design, Marketing|

COLOURlovers recently compared the predominate colors chosen for brand identification out of the top 100 most popular websites. Blue and red with their various shades and hues top the list. Sometimes the color is chosen after many hours of market research, and other times the arbitrary can turn out to be poignant. I didn't know [...]