Category: Brand Marketing

The importance of high quality images in brand marketing cannot be overstated. In this category you’ll find examples of how Artisan HD’s print products can boost your marketing campaigns. Get ideas for how to use various products and see how large format prints can bring your brand to life. Read case studies and see real examples of our work. Here you can also read about Artisan HD’s Brand Ambassadors and see examples of their work. Learn why these professional photographs have chosen Artisan HD as their printing partner.

How Environmental Graphics Create a Complete Brand Experience: GCU Case Study

One of ArtisanHD's biggest clients in recent years is Grand Canyon University (GCU). On a recent visit we captured all the environmental graphics we've done.

Can You Recognize the Brand? Display Graphics Drive Consistent Brand Identity

Can you recognize the brand based on signage alone? Display graphics are essential to strong corporate identity and brand marketing campaigns.

Seeing Red – Use Valentine’s Day Color Theory for Perfect Professional Color Printing!

As Valentine's Day approaches, think about the color red and what it means. From passion to demanding attention, it is the most popular color around the world.

Professional Color Printing Creates a Rising Star at Scottsdale Fashion Square!

Collaborating on brand direction & nature of the business, we soon realized AZ STAR needed more than professional color printing–they needed a Branding Partner!

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